Conference Program

Friday Sept. 14, all talks in LC 25 (Lecture Center):

12-12:30pm:  Registration, coffee, cookies, and opening remarks

12:30-12:50pm:  Kazuo Yamazaki 

1:00-1:20pm:  Jungang Li 

1:30-1:50pm:  Kris Hollingsworth 

2:00-2:20pm:  Amy Peterson 

2:30-3:00pm:  Break

3:00-3:50pm:  Excelsior Lecture I (Special Colloquium)

4:00-4:30pm:  Group picture / Break

Rongwei Yang

5:00-5:20pm:  Bryan Goldberg

5:30-4:50pm:  Taryn Flock

6:00-6:20pm:  Vyron Vellis

6:30-6:50pm:  Hyun-Kyoung Kwon

7:30pm:  Conference dinner: Jack's Oyster House, 42 State St.

Saturday Sept. 15, all talks in LC 25:

8:00-8:30am:  Coffee and cookies

8:30-8:50am:  Zhen Zeng

9:00-9:20am:  Stephen Farnham

9:30-9:50am:  Xiaodan Zhou

10:00-10:20am:  Afrah Abdou

11:00-11:50am:  Excelsior Lecture II

12:00-2:00pm:  Workshop (working lunch with pizza)

2:00-2:20pm: Dominick Villano

2:30-2:50pm:  Murat Akman