Mini-workshop: How to write a compelling 1-page summary of your research proposal

Most Federal funding agencies (the National Science Foundation among these) require that research proposals include a 1-page summary as part of the proposal. The 1-page summary is the ``calling card’’ of your proposal: it should provide a compelling overview of your proposal and should be written in a non-technical, engaging style.

In this 2 hour workshop we will:

    • present the principles that should guide the exposition and delivery style of the 1-page summary;

    • read and critique a few samples of 1-page summaries (participants are welcome to share their own old     summaries);

    • we will then split in small groups and re-write the sample summaries following the guiding principles;

    • finally, we will read the new 1-page summaries and do "before-and-after" comparisons with the             originals.