Welcome and Information

Hi and welcome to the North East Air Force web site.

Who are you?
I am Tigershark. I do a lot stuff like Art, Gaming, Photography, Aircraft and more. I also i do modding for a game called ysflight.

What game do you use?
The game i use is called YSFlight simulator. I have been playing this about 10 years and is really fun and easy to fly. You can use your mouse, joystick or keyboard to fly any aircraft in the game. There is Tons of addons you  get for the game. You can get them all on YSFHQ and there is multiplayer to the game so you can fly with friends, dogfight and display for airshow.

What North East airforce do?
The North East air force do is military roles like the red flag , joint worries and more. The air force also do freight movement, Tanker role, Sea search and awacs commands. 
Also the North East air force does airshow  with our team called the Tiger team.

Want be part of a team Join Ysfhq and apply here 

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Thank you for reading this.