President's Letter

Dear Members,

Over the past several months, the Board of Directors of the Uxbridge Soccer Club (USC), the Scugog Soccer Association (SSA), and the North Durham United Football Club (NDUFC) has been engaged in discussions regarding the potential for merging the three associations. These discussions have advanced to the point that the three Boards believe that a merger would create a dynamic new association, which would be far stronger than the sum of its parts.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending you a Survey to gather your input on a potential 3 Club amalgamation. We will then be holding an information session to address what a new combined soccer association for north Durham region would look like and details surrounding a vote of the membership to determine whether or not the three associations should merge. While more details will follow, we wanted to outline a few reasons for pursuing merger between the three associations:

Stronger Recreational and Competitive Player Pools: As you are aware, our area’s demographics have resulted in declining enrollment over the past few seasons. This combined with our geographical location and travelling distances, isolates each club and limits each soccer program. A combined soccer association serving north Durham would be considered a stronger soccer centre with a combined population on par with many other local soccer clubs and a membership (Recreational and Competitive) of approximately 1,000 players. Not only would this make our Rep teams more competitive, but we also believe there would be a ripple effect to our other tiers of soccer (a merger would potentially afford us the opportunity to field more teams in our House League) and perhaps operate more soccer programs to better address all ages and stages of development.

Stabilize the membership: Soccer enrollment in Ontario’s rural vicinities competes with other sports and changing tastes as trends in sport evolve. While merging with the other two Clubs would not change this, it would give the combined leagues a significantly larger base of enrollment, which would position us to better deal with the ebbs and flows of enrollment.

Share costs: the costs of operating sport programs are going up year by year. While we have done our best to control the cost of soccer by holding registration increases to a minimum for the past couple of years, as enrollment gradually declines and the costs of field maintenance, referees, uniforms, etc. continue to rise, our ability to continue to hold the line on the cost of soccer becomes more and more challenging. By combining the three clubs, there would be significant economies of scale that over time would allow us to manage registration costs, while investing in and providing a quality soccer program.

Successful examples: we are not the first associations to pursue mergers of this sort. The feedback we have received is that, while these mergers take a leap of faith, the benefits have been both immediate and long-term.

We realize that there are probably a lot of questions that come from the above. In the coming weeks, we will provide more details on what the combined association would look like and the exciting benefits it will provide to the USC, SSA, and NDUFC. Further, we will provide details on an information session for the membership as well as details around participating in a vote on whether or not to go forward with the club merger.

We realize that this is a lot to digest and a big step in the future direction of the 3 clubs. However, we believe that the potential benefits far outweigh the risks and our combined associations will deliver a much higher level of soccer, as well as a fun and exciting environment for our kids.


Grant Oliver, President Brian Kavanagh, President   Doug Beard, President
Uxbridge Soccer Club Scugog Soccer Association North Durham United Soccer Club