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Conditions of hire






Due to changing COVID-19 regulations we will contact you to advise of the latest requirements when requesting a booking



1.    Where referred to in these Conditions of Hire the Facilities are the Pavilion, MUGA and Playing Fields on Greenway, North Curry and any fixtures, fittings or equipment thereto.


2.    Where referred to in these Conditions of Hire the Committee is North Curry Playing Fields Management Committee and/or its delegated officer.


3.    The Facilities must be left clean and tidy and all equipment must be replaced in storage after use.  If the Facilities are not cleaned to the satisfaction of the Committee a charge will be made to cover cleaning costs.

4.    Smoking, vaping or lit candles are not allowed within the Pavilion

5.  Please note that in keeping with the village setting we do not allow loud music after 11:30 pm.  Loud is measured by standing at the entrance gate and being able to hear music in the Pavilion.  In exceptional circumstances and with prior agreement from our neighbours this can be extended.

6.    All applications for hire of the Facilities must be made on the pro forma.


7.    The Applicant signing the form shall be considered the Hirer and shall be liable hereunder and shall be over l8 years old, applications submitted via email are equally binding


8.    Where the Applicant indicates that he/she signs on behalf of any Club or Organisation the Applicant and that Club or Organisation shall be considered the Joint Hirers and shall be jointly and severally liable hereunder


9.    The facilities shall be used solely for the Activities described in the form.  If this booking relates to a regular and continuing Activity this one undertaking shall be binding for all occasions when Facilities are used.


10.    The Committee may refuse admission to any person or group or require them to leave the Facility at their discretion


11.    Cancellations must be made at least two weeks before any booking or a cancellation fee of 50% of the full hire charge will be incurred.


12. The Committee reserves the right to amend these Conditions at any time without notice.


13. Authority to accept or rescind a booking shall rest with the Committee.


14. The Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hire, nor any loss, damage or injury incurred by any person using the Facilities arising from any cause whatsoever


15. Animals are not allowed within the Pavilion or on the Playing Fields without prior consent.


   16. The Hirer shall be responsible for:


·         the safety and behaviour of persons using the Facilities as a result of this booking,          NOTE: maximum occupancy is 120 persons.

·         sufficient information, instruction and supervision to ensure the safety of the activity.

·         all damage or loss to any building, fixtures, fittings, equipment or other property

      located within the Facilities during the period of hiring however and by whosoever

      caused.  All damage must be reported within 24 hours of its occurrence.

·         any and all insurance necessary for the activity, including all insurance to participants,

      staff and property.

·         adequacy, suitability and safety of all equipment brought onto the premises.  Hirers

      should note that Bouncy Castles are not covered by the Pavilion insurance and as

      such we recommend that you take out personal insurance if the supplier does not

      provide it.

      17. The key can be collected from the North Curry Coffee Shop and must be returned there
            during opening hours which are
10:00-16:30 Tuesday to Sunday.  If this is inconvenient
            please return to John Quinn (07766 282397 / 01823 490999) or

            Sue Oldfield (07803 207156 / 01823 491599).

    18. The hirer agrees:

  -    not to lend the key to any other person or to allow any other person to use the key

  -    not to make, or seek to have made, any copies of the key

  -     to report the key as missing to North Curry Pavilion & Playing Fields Management

       Committee without undue delay, if I believe the key to be lost, stolen, or otherwise

       missing; and

  -    to pay the full cost of replacing the Pavilion lock and producing fresh keys for all key

       holders in the event that my key is lost, stolen, or misplaced.

19. The Hirer must familiarise him/herself with the procedures for defect reporting, fire, first aid, and accidents and carry them out to the best of his/her ability (See user’s Guide – on Notice board in kitchen)


20. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any and all safety regulations relating to the activity are adhered to. (e.g. staff-child ratios, coaching qualifications) A suitable qualified supervisor must be present during all sporting sessions. 


21. A suitably qualified adult must be present during all hiring’s involving person under 18


22. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain any licence or other authority for the sale of alcohol, performance of plays or music or other similar requirements.


23. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that unauthorised persons do not enter the facilities and that users are restricted to those areas subject to the hire agreement.


24. All of the Hirer’s paid and voluntary staff and their recruitment and management remain the responsibility of the hirer


Updated: Jul 2019