B Relays // A Meet @ Poolesville // Long Course

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This meet is similar to the A relay meet. All the B league teams participate and it's a TON of fun. 
Please arrive at Lake Marion by 4:45 to be ready to be in the pool to warm up at 5:00.

Saturday is our fifth regular A meet of the season at Poolesville (20151 Fisher Ave, Poolesville, MD 20837).  Below is the list of swimmers needed. PLEASE check this list for your child's name and respond with Yes or No to confirm availability for Saturday. Missing swimmers means empty lanes, and empty lanes mean lost points for the team!

A Meet Saturday @ Poolesville

Meet Location: The team will meet at North Creek at 7:20am on Saturday to form a car caravan to travel together to Poolesville.   

Upon arrival, we will all enter the pool deck together as a team! (If you will be traveling separately on your own, please let us know!). 

Meet Theme: This week's theme is TRIBAL! All Neptunes, including swimmers, siblings, and parents, are welcome to dress up and show your Neptune spirit!

Swimmers: Please check the list below carefully for your swimmer's name, and if your swimmer is listed and is NOT available Saturday, please let Coach Patrick know ASAP (Reply to this email with Yes or NOso that we can fill any empty lanes. Empty lanes mean lost points for the team!

Warm-Ups: If you are not traveling with the caravan, please arrive at Poolesville by 8:10 a.m. so we can determine if we need to make any scratches based on no-shows. (Let us know if you will arrive separately!)

VOLUNTEERS needed: Please click on the link below to see where you can help—it takes a Village!  Thank you in advance for helping make this a successful meet! New parents, if you have any questions about what these positions entail or aren’t sure what would be a good fit for you, please email or talk to Jen Hammond, Team Rep, at practice.

Long Course

On Sunday July 15th the North Creek Neptune's Swim Team will host our 34th ANNUAL NORTH CREEK INVITATIONAL LONG COURSE MEET.  For this meet we invite our local area teams, our Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) Division Teams, and several other teams from Frederick and the local MC area.  As always, we will once again have our super charity raffle to benefit Gaithersburg Help (last year we had over $500 in cool prizes, including Skyzone and Monster Golf tickets, movie deals, and restaurant cards !).  There will also be a small team trophy awarded to the team with the highest points scored.  

The Long Course is open to all North Creek swimmers - swimmer sign up is here

This is both a competitive and fun meet in which the length of each event is twice the normal length (lanes set up across pool for 50 meters, instead of 25 meters). This meet is both a fun meet and a fundraiser for both Gaithersburg Help and the Neptunes (mostly via concessions).  There are two important ways you can help make the meet successful: sending in donations for our charity raffle and helping during the meet.

Donations for our charity raffle: Each year we have a raffle to benefit a local charity. Like the past few years, all proceeds of the raffle will go to Gaithersburg Help, which is a network of more than 200 volunteers that provides emergency assistance to over 3000 Gaithersburg area families each year (see the following link for more info: At the meet we sell raffle tickets for the chance to win items donated by local businesses.  Could you donate a prize that we can use for the raffle? If so, or if you are able to help solicit donations from businesses, please contact

Help during the LC meet: We will also need timers and officials as usual, and concessions stand help, and hospitality, and a clerk .... We will have 8 lanes, instead of 6 so we need more help than usual. If you are qualified to be a stroke and turn official or referee, we really need your help. To signup online, see the web site at: 

Tie Dye // A Meet // Relays // B Meet // July 4th Parade

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1. Friday is Tie Dye Day!!
The team will be tie dyeing shirts during regular practice on Friday (morning and evening practice!). Swimmers can bring their own white shirts to dye, or we will have some to purchase for approx $5. The team will provide, dye, rubber bands, plastic bags. 

Saturday A Meet @ Tanterra
We are looking forward to our third dual A meet on Saturday at Tanterra (18605 Tanterra Way, Brookeville, MD 20833)This is an away meet, so read below for more information and check the list of swimmers needed carefully. If your swimmer is listed and is NOT available Saturday, please let Coach Patrick know ASAP on Thursday. (Reply to this email or email Coach Patrick at

Meet Location: The team will meet at North Creek at 7:15am to form a car caravan to travel together to Tanterra  

Upon arrival, we will all enter the pool deck together as a team! (If you will be traveling separately on your own, please let us know!). 

Our team location is in a very sunny area of the pool, so you may wish to bring some tents/shelters for shade!


Meet Theme: This week's theme is "Silly Saturday"! Do you remember the movie "Freaky Friday" - well we are switching things up on a Saturday instead! Come dressed as your opposite, switch places, have fun! All Neptunes, including swimmers, siblings, and parents, are welcome to dress up and show your Neptune spirit!


Warm-Ups: If you are not traveling with the caravan, please arrive at Tanterra by 8:10 a.m. so we can determine if we need to make any scratches based on no-shows. (Let us know if you will arrive separately!)


VOLUNTEERS needed: Please click on the link below to see where you can help—it takes a Village!  Thank you in advance for helping make this a successful meet! New parents, if you have any questions about what these positions entail or aren’t sure what would be a good fit for you, please email or talk to Jen Hammond, Team Rep, at practice.

2. Sunday, July 1 - A Relays at North Creek
This is the final list of swimmers needed for Sunday. Please check carefully for your swimmers name and let Coach Patrick know ASAP if you swimmer is not available for Sunday. If any swimmer does not show up, their entire relay group will be unable to swim, so it's very important that you confirm availability. (*Names are NOT alphabetical today - please check the list very carefully!)

Theme: Team USA / Red White and Blue (wear your newly dyed shirts!)

We also need LOTS of help Sunday since we are hosting ALL of the teams in our Division.  Please sign up here to volunteer:

3. B Meet  - Tuesday July 3 @ Flower Hill
  • Swimmer sign up:  Sign ups are due by end of practice on Monday!!!
  • Theme: Silly Saturday (now Silly Tuesday) (B Meet Themes are always the same as the previous A Meet)
  • Warm-ups: Please arrive by 5:00, so you are ready to be in the water at 5:15 to warm-up.
  • Volunteer Sign-ups: Even though this is not a home meet, we still need LOTS of help! We especially need a clerk-of-course (this person makes sure the kids are lined up and ready to swim) and timers (This is the best "seat" in the pool! Timers get to see all the action up close. If enough timers sign up, we can have different timers for the first and second half of the meet!)
4. July 4th Parade Prep
Planning is underway for next Wednesday's annual MVF July 4th Parade.  This year's theme is Super Heroes! The Neptunes are planning a "walking float" this year and swimmers can make super hero masks at practice starting this week. To help us get started, we need larger pieces of cardboard that we will cut out and paint for the masks, If you have large pieces of cardboard, or boxes that can be cut up, please bring them to practice. Swimmers who don't want to creat a mask can come to the parade dressed as their favorite super hero!
More info to come this weekend, but the team will tentatively meet at 8:30am at the church parking lot at the intersection of Apple Ridge and MV Ave. 

Picture Day // B Meet @ QV // Tie Dye // A Meet @ Tanterra / Relays / July 4

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Dear Neptunes, 

The next 2 weeks are very busy and there will be lots of information packed into these emails! Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions!
Coming up this week we will have our second B meet, third A meet, and on Sunday we have the A Relays!  In addition to all the meets, we have Team Picture Day tomorrow, and lots of fun things to do, including tie dye day and getting ready for MVF's annual July 4th parade!
Read on for more information!

1. Picture Day is Monday evening
2. B Meet on Wedensday at Quail Valley
3. Tie Dye Friday!
4. A Meet Saturday at Tanterra
5. A Relays on Sunday at North Creek
6. July 4th Parade on Wednesday

1. Picture Day is Monday, June 25
The entire team (including pre-team) is asked to arrive at Hurley Park by 6:15 pm. Lifetouch Sports Photography will take a team photo, and then individual phots if desired. Picture Day forms were handed out to some parents last week. Please fill those out, include payment, and bring to the pool with you. If you did not receive a form, we will have some available to fill out there. Please bring a check, made out to Lifetouch, or exact change. The team is not able to provide change as all payments are due directly to the photographer. (A single 8x10 group photo is $18.00)  An email was sent yesterday with information about ordering online if you choose.

Monday night practice schedule: The 5:15 preteam group 1 will take place as scheduled. All other practices, preteam and team will not start until AFTER the group photo is taken. Group practices will be condensed to shorter times depending on what time the photos end.

2. B Meet on Wednesday at Quail Valley
  • Theme: Neon Dance Party (B Meet Themes are always the same as the previous A Meet)
  • Warm-ups: Please arrive by 5:00, so you are ready to be in the water at 5:10 to warm-up.
  • Swimmer Sign-ups: 
    • The deadline for swimmers to sign up is the end of PM practice on Monday!
  • Volunteer Sign-ups: Even though this is not a home meet, we still need LOTS of help! We especially need a clerk-of-course (this person makes sure the kids are lined up and ready to swim) and timers (This is the best "seat" in the pool! Timers get to see all the action up close. If enough timers sign up, we can have different timers for the first and second half of the meet!)
  • B Meet Eligibility: basic information on how the B meets work on the Neptunes website here: B Meets.  
3. Tie Dye Friday!!!
The team will provide rubber bands, dye, bags.  A limited number of white shirts will be on sale for $5 each. (If you know for sure you will need them, let us know so we can try to have enough available) You can also bring your own shirt, and the white Neptunes shirts will also be available to purchase ($10 ea).
AM PRACTICE from 9:15 - 10:30 
    10 and unders should come at 9:15 to tie dye 
    11+ will tie dye from 10:00 to 10:30
 PM PRACTICE from 6:30-8:00

4. A Meet on Saturday at Tanterra
Address18605 Tanterra Way, Brookeville, MD 20833
More details to follow, including swimmers needed, later this week. If you already know you are not available Saturday, please reply to this email, or let Coach Patrick know!
Theme: TBD

5. A Relays on Sunday at North Creek 
The A Relay Carnival will be at North Creek on Sunday, July 1st at 8 am.  The coaches will be putting the lineup together this week based on A and B meet times.  Because the whole meet is RELAYS, if a swimmer does not show it means the others can not swim either, so if you already know your swimmer is not available Sunday, please reply to this email or let Coach Patrick know ASAP.

Theme: Team USA/red-white-blue - wear your newly dyed shirts!

Volunteers: North Creek will be hosting the other 5 teams in our division for this meet. That means we will need LOTS of help with setup, cleanup, and concessions. If you are available to help, please sign up! Even if you don't have a swimmer in this meet, it's a really fun event and you can come cheer on your fellow Neptunes while helping the team out!

6. July 4th Parade next Wednesday
This week at practice we will begin getting ready for the parade next week! We are finalizing details on this year's theme and will begin getting signs/banners/etc. ready during the practices this week! More details to follow.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

Jen and Kristi

Practice changes / B Meet at NC / A Meet at NC / Upcoming

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Good evening Neptunes,

School is finally out and our practice schedule is changing to the summer schedule. We also have two home meets this week and lots of swimming fun to look forward to! Please read through carefully for updates and areas where your help is needed so our swimmers can have a great time swimming this summer!

In this email:
1. Practice - AM begins, PM moves to Hurley Park at new times
2. B Meet Tuesday  - home meet vs. Lake Marion
3. A Meet Saturday - home meet vs. Calverton
4. Looking ahead - Picture Day, Relays, and more

1. Practice reminders
Now that school is out, our morning practice schedule begins, including the morning pre-team! Also, our evening practice times shift later AND move to the Hurley Park pool.

Weekday morning practice is held at North Creek

    Age 11+ is 8:30-10:00

    Age 10 and under is 10:00-11:00 

Weekday afternoon practice is held at Hurley Park pool  (20737 Highland Hall Dr, Montgomery Village, MD 20886)

    Age 10 and under is  6:15-7:15 

    Age 11+ is 7:15-8:15  

If you are on pre-team, the morning/evening schedule was sent separately and is also available here: 

2. B Meet, Tuesday at North Creek vs Lake Marion
Our first B meet of the season is Tuesday and it's also our first home meet! B Meet themes are the same as the previous A meet, so our theme this week is "Rock the Red #ALLNEPTUNES"
An email was sent yesterday with all of the B meet information, and can also be found here:

Swimmers must sign up before the end of evening practice Monday.

Many volunteers are needed to run the home meet - including concessions help and timers! If you have a child swimming, please sign up to help:

3. A Meet at North Creek vs. Calverton
This Saturday is our second A meet, as well as a second home meet. Swimmers for Saturday will be sent out later this week. 
Because this is a home meet, we will once again need LOTS of help. Volunteers can sign up here:

4. Looking ahead
We have a number of events coming up in the next few weeks, so please look out for more information!
  • Picture Day - Monday, June 25 at Hurley Park during evening practice. ALL swimmers (including AM/PM preteam) should plan to come to be in the team picture.  Information about purchasing pictures will be provided later this week, and forms will be handed out at practice.
  • Tie Dye at AM/PM practice on Friday, June 29 - Swimmers (and parents!) can tie dye shirts red/white/blue to wear for the upcoming A Relays on July 2. White shirts will be available for a nominal fee, or swimmers can bring their own.  We need 1-2 parents to assist swimmers with dyeing their shirts at both AM and PM practice. Please see Kristi or email if you are able to help!
  • A Relays will be at North Creek this year on Sunday, July 1. This is a big event, as all 5 teams from our division will be here. We will be looking for LOTS and LOTS of extra help this day to make sure things run smoothly. This is also a big fundraiser for our team, which helps us to pay coaches, purchase supplies, etc. Please mark your calendar so you can come support the team!
  • July 4 - MVF Parade - each year the team walks in the MVF parade on July 4th. The team prepares props/decorations/costumes based on the parade theme and it's lots of fun! Be on the lookout for more information coming soon. The parade ends at the Apple Ridge park and each swim team provides assistance with the festival at the park. This is a great opportunity for teens to earn some more SSL hours. More details will be provided soon!

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Jen and Kristi

Morning Practice Starts / All About B Meets

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Hello Neptune Families!

First, a quick reminder that morning practice begins on Monday, June 18. The practice schedule and pre-team morning groups are listed here:

Now, because we have new families (Welcome!) as well as “old hands,” we’ve put together some basic information on how the B meets work. ALL TEAM FAMILIES are encouraged to read through to the end, paying special attention to the eligibility and sign-up sections.


Our first B meet of the season is Tuesday, June 19th at North Creek Pool! Because this is a home meet, we will need LOTS of extra help with setup, cleanup and concessions, in addition to timers!


Swimmers can sign up here:

 Swimmers must sign up by the end of evening practice on Monday. There will be NO deck entries on Tuesday.

Volunteers can sign up here:



The North Creek Neptunes participate in weekly swim meets with five other local teams in the Gaithersburg-Montgomery Village Swim B League – the Lake Marion Lasers, Whetstone Whales, Quail Valley Marlins, Flower Hill Dolphins and Plantations Piranhas. While the meets are competitive, the results are not counted towards our MCSL division rankings. Depending on their eligibility, swimmers participate to experience swim meets, improve their strokes, and have fun.



The B schedule operates on a rotation. We typically host 2-3 home meets a season. The Lake Marion and Whetstone teams are located in the Village. Quail Valley and Flower Hill are nearby in Gaithersburg and Plantations is in Damascus. Directions are sent out before each away meet and are also located on our website (link).



B meets start the week following the first A meet, and end the week following the last A meet. We swim in five B meets a season, plus a B relay meet. Swimmers and volunteers are expected to be at the pool by 5:00 for a home meet and 5:15 for an away meet to allow time for warmup. Meets start at 6:00 and typically last until 8:30 or 9:00. 



Tues, June 19 - NC vs Lake Marion

Wed, June 27 - NC @ Quail Valley

Tues, July 3 - NC @ Flower Hill

Tues, July 10 - NC vs Whetstone

Thurs, July 12 - Relays @ Lake Marion

Tues, July 17 - NC vs Plantations



Every swimmer has the opportunity to swim in weekly competitive meet. Swimmers are encouraged to sign up for all events for which they are eligible. To that end, the B league has put together the following eligibility rules for B meets. Please read these carefully and contact the B rep with questions. When in doubt, sign up. If you’re not eligible, we’ll let you know before the meet. It’s much easier to scratch you than to add you at the last minute, especially at away meets.



If you swim an event in the A meet, you are not allowed to swim the same event in the following B meet, with the exception of freestyle (see exception below.)  A swimmer MAY swim any of their off-strokes in the B meet, regardless of how many events they swam in the A meet.


The A meet limit of strokes (3+IM+relay) does not apply to B meets. There is not a limit to the number of events a B swimmer may swim in a B meet – if a B swimmer wishes to swim all five events, they may.  This will ensure that each swimmer (A or B) gets ONE chance to swim each stroke once a week. 


If you are a usual A swimmer who misses an A meet (e.g. due to vacation or illness), you are not eligible to swim your normal strokes in the following B meet.


Any swimmer who has an All Star time in a stroke is not allowed to swim that stroke in a B meet (even if it is the off stroke.)


FREESTYLE EXCEPTION:  A swimmer is eligible to swim freestyle in a B meet as long as they did not place 1st through 6th at the previous A meet (i.e. eligible to swim if swimmer finished in 7th through 12th place.) 



A swimmer is expected to be legal in the stroke before being entered in an event.

No Swim Ups. Swimmers swim within their age group only.



If you want to swim in a B Meet, you must sign up at the link that will be sent each week (see top of email) or talk to a coach. Swimmers should talk to their coaches to make sure they’re legal in the stroke before signing up.


Because of the time it takes to prepare the meet lineup, it is very important that swimmers sign up on time:

Before a home meet, by the end of evening practice the day prior to the meet.

Before an away meet, by 10 a.m. the day prior to the meet.

If you miss the signup deadline, the next step is to talk to the coach. Swimmers may occasionally be added late, but this is not guaranteed. 



Lots of help is needed and appreciated at all the B meets. We always need timers, clerk of course, officials, automation and ribbon writers. At home meets we need all those helpers plus help setting up and cleaning up, runners (great job for siblings or A only swimmers), concessions help, hospitality, announcers and someone to sing the national anthem!

As always, if you have any question, please talk to Jen or Kristi!


Jen and Kristi

Practice change / Pasta Dinner / A Meet / B Meet

posted Jun 14, 2018, 6:17 PM by NorthCreek Neptunes

1. Practice Changes for Friday June 15 only: In order to ensure all families are able to attend the Pasta Dinner, the Team Practice will be combined for the 10&Under and 11-12 swimmers. 

    4:30-5:30pm for ages 13+

    5:30-6:15pm for ages 10 & under AND 11-12

Preteam practice is shifting 30 min earlier:

Group 1 - 5:00

Group 2 - 5:30

Group 3/Dev - 6:00

2. Friday Pasta Dinner

ALL families, preteam included, are invited to our annual Pasta Dinner, traditionally held the Friday evening before our first dual meet. 

More information is here

Sign up to attend or help:


3. Saturday A Meet at Olney Mill

Pool location: 3611 Briars Rd, Olney, MD 20830

Meet Theme: This week's theme is  "Rock the Red #ALLNEPTUNES" 

All Neptunes, including swimmers, siblings, and parents, are welcome to dress up and show your Neptune spirit! 

Caravan: We will be meeting in the North Creek parking lot at 7:30 a.m. to decorate cars, pass out directions, and caravan (follow-the-leader style) to the meet. 

If you prefer to meet at Olney Mill, please be at the pool no later than 8 a.m.! PLEASE or text Kristi (571-437-2036) if you will be meeting us directly at the Olney Mill. We will meet outside the pool gate and walk in together as a team!


Parking: No specific parking information was provided. We think there will be plenty on site based on prior years.


VOLUNTEERS still needed: Please click on the link below to see where you can help—it takes a Village!  We especially need timers!!!

Thank you in advance for helping make this a successful meet! New parents, if you have any questions about what these positions entail or aren’t sure what would be a good fit for you, please email or talk to Jen or Kristi at practice.


4. Tuesday B Meet at North Creek
Tuesday, June 19 is our first HOME meet and also the first B meet of the season. Because this is a HOME meet, we will need twice as many helpers as usual to make sure everything is running smoothly - in addition to timers, we will especially need concessions help! Please follow the link and signup wherever you can help out!
Stay tuned for a separate email to come Saturday afternoon to sign your swimmer up to swim on Tuesday.

Pasta Dinner / A Meet / Pre-Team / Upcoming Events

posted Jun 10, 2018, 12:45 PM by NorthCreek Neptunes

All Comers was a great success! Many thanks to the swimmers and family helpers who came out to help run this meet, an annual Montgomery Village tradition. We now have time data for some new swimmers, as well as those who moved up to the next age group. If you still owe $ for your entry fees ($2 per event) please see Jen or Kristi at practice this week.

Read below for a run-down of the week ahead, including:

  1. Pasta Dinner
  2. A Meet @ Olney Mill
  3. Pre-team info
  4. Upcoming events

1.  Pasta Dinner - Friday, June 15, 6:30-8:30 PM at North Creek Community Center

ALL families, preteam included, are invited to our annual Pasta Dinner, traditionally held the Friday evening before our first dual meet. This is a really fun and social event, and a great time to meet other parents, talk to the coaches and learn more about the team. 

We need several parent helpers to make this successful. Helpers can sign up to help shop, prepare, serve, or clean-up.

The team provides the paper products, salad, dressing, bread and drinks. Each family provides a pasta dish or dessert that will serve at least 12 people based on the first letter of your last name.  

A-G: Dessert dish           

H-N: Hot Pasta dish                

O-Z: Cold Pasta dish 

PLEASE - No nut/peanut products - we have several swimmers who are allergic to nuts!!  

Cost for the event is $1 per person, paid in cash at the door. 

YOU MUST RSVP ONLINE and provide the number of attendees.
(NOTE: Based on Fire Safety rules, attending this event is limited to those that RSVP in advance. (No registering at the door!)

2. A Meet: North Creek @ Olney Mill - Saturday, June 16 - Theme to be announced this week!

The Coaches will be working on the lineup this week. Any swimmers who will be unavailable to swim must let Coach Patrick or Coach Brandon know ASAP (reply to this email or tell Coach at practice Monday or Tuesday). Missing swimmers and empty lanes mean lost points for the team! Lots of help will be needed as well, and volunteers can sign up here We need at least 15 parents to sign up to help! More details to follow later this week!

3. Pre-team info

The evening pre-team groups begin practice tomorrow, Monday, June 11! Morning will begin June 18. A separate e-mail with pre-team groups and practice times was sent a few days ago. If you did not receive it, please reply to this email with your childs name so I can make sure you are added to the pre-team email list!

Pre-team practice schedules are also available on our website,, under Practice Schedule.

4. Upcoming Events
  • June 19- B Meet vs. Lake Marion
    • Our first B Meet is about 10 days away. It is also our first home meet of the season! More info will be sent later. 
  • June 23- A Meet vs Calverton
  • Tie Dye day - tentatively Friday June 22. We are looking for 2 parents to assist swimmers with making shirts during the AM and PM practice. If you can help, see Jen or Kristi at practice. The team provides dye and rubberbands. We will also have shirts available for a nominal amount or swimmers can bring their own white shirts. 
  • June 25- Picture Day – Monday 6/25at Hurley Park!
    • Splendid Portraits will be taking a team photo and individual photos at the start of afternoon practice on Monday, 6/25, 6:15 at Hurley Park pool. All swimmers should come for the team picture including preteamers! We’ll put a big team photo in the clubhouse. Come show your team spirit!
  • Practice changes - Starting Monday, June 18, PM practice moves to Hurley Park and AM practice (including pre-team) begins at North Creek.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

Jen and Kristi

All Comers is Saturday at Whetstone!

posted Jun 7, 2018, 11:31 AM by NorthCreek Neptunes

Saturday, June 9th, is our first swim meet, the 45th Annual Montgomery Village All-Comers meet.  
On Saturday, swimmers should be at the pool to warm-up at 7:10 AM! The meet will start promptly at 8:00 AM.
The meet theme is CRAZY BLUE & WHITE - Parents, too! Show your Neptunes spirit!

Parking - There will be no parking available at the Whetstone pool lot. Parents will be able to drop off children if needed, but then must park across the street at the Whetstone elementary school or at Centerway park.

Volunteers still needed for All Comers!
Thanks to all who have volunteered so far. We are still in need of several volunteers, including at least 4 more Timers and some Concessions help. Teens can also earn SSL hours volunteering at concessions! Neptunes are only responsible for cold drinks and snacks, so we need just a couple of people for each half of the meet.

Welcome to 2018 season!

posted May 28, 2018, 3:02 PM by NorthCreek Neptunes

Greetings Neptunes! 

Check the email below for all the information you need to know about the season ahead. 

Inclement weather policy: Scheduled practices occur rain or shine! However, in the event of a thunderstorm, all swimmers will be pulled from the water and the pool will be temporarily closed. After 30 minutes with no more thunder, the pool will re-open and practice will resume. If there are too many 30 minute closures, practice may be cancelled. 

Text alerts: To be informed of cancellations or last-minute schedule changes you can sign up for text alerts. These will only be used for practice or other schedule changes that need to be communicated quickly. All other information will still come via regular email. *standard data/messaging rates may apply
  • Text NORTHCREEKNEPTUNES to 84483 to receive alerts from North Creek Neptunes.
When possible, cancellations will also be posted to the team’s Facebook page and/or on the main page of the 
Welcome to the 2018 swim season!

If you are receiving this email, it means you or your swimmer has signed up for the 2018 summer swim season, OR you swam for 2017 and may still want to register for 2018. If you think you've received this email in error, please let us know.

This is the first in a series of weekly emails that you will receive, and contains information about the week ahead, as well as events coming later in the month. All of this information will also be posted to the team website:  

Please read carefully - this email is packed with lots of information for the season ahead!!

1. Meet the Coaches 
2. Practice begins
3. Pre-team evaluations and practice
4. Registration continues
5. Team Suits (and more!)
6. Meets and Events
7. Looking ahead
8. Reminders

1. Meet the Coaches

Head Coaches - Brandon Cu and Patrick Hedquist
We welcome Brandon Cu to his first year with the Neptunes! Brandon has been swimming for 12 years, starting with summer league when he was 7 years old. Brandon also swam for RMSC and Gaithersburg HS. Currently, he is part of the UNCW Men’s swim and dive team.

Patrick Hedquist returns to coaching the Neptunes for the 3rd year, and his first as head coach.  Patrick has been swimming with MCSL for 14 years, 12 years with the Upper County Dolphins, and his last 2 with North Creek. Patrick says "I am very excited for this summer, and I am looking forward to a great season with the best team I know. Brandon and I have been swimming together for 10 years or so and we are pumped to be coaching together and we are ready to make this season North Creeks best season yet!"

Assistant Coach - KK Lechner
We are excited to welcome KK back for her second year coaching with the Neptunes. KK has been swimming with the Neptunes for basically her whole life and carries on the tradition of coaching for the Neptunes like her older brother Nick. KK swims year round for the Rockville Montgomery Swim Clum (RMSC). She is currently a senior at Poolesville HS in the Global Ecology magnet program and will be a pre-dental student at the University of MD in the fall. KK says "I'm super excited for my second year back as assistant coach and hope to see the best season yet!"

Pre-team Coach - Naina Tsarni
Naina also returns to coach for a 2nd year! Naina has been swimming with the Neptunes for many years, and we are excited to have her as a dedicated pre-team coach this year.  Naina will be joined by several teen junior coaches to help teach our youngest Neptunes to swim better and faster than before!

2. Practice begins - Tuesday, May 29 at North Creek Pool
**no pre-team practice
ages 13+: 4:30 - 5:30 pm
ages 10 and under: 5:30 - 6:15 pm
ages 11-12: 6:15- 7:15
**The pool is open to the public, so you MUST bring a current MV activity card for entrance to the pool.

3. Preteam
Evaluations will take place the week of June 4. If you have not signed up to be evaluated, please email to set up a time. 
Practice will begin June 11 (evening pre-team) or June 18 (morning pre-team). Please come at your assigned date/ time for evaluation. If you did not sign up for evaluation yet, please let us know.
Once evaluations are completed, you will receive a separate email confirming your child's placement and practice times.

4. Registration - Monday, June 45:00-7:00
We will be having on-going registrations at North Creek pool during practice, with a more formal date set for June 4th, 5:00-7:00pm.  A Coach or Team Rep will be available to answer any questions.
Please fill out the registration form at Please make out your check to "North Creek Swim Team"

5. Team Suits (and more)

This year, we have Neptunes Team suits available from

Like past years, there is no required team suit. However, all swimmers should wear a Neptunes swim cap during competitions.  

If you don’t have a Neptunes swim cap, we will have some available to purchase.

If you choose not to buy a team suit from, we offer the following guidance for choosing a suit for the summer swim team:

  • Swimmers should wear appropriate swim suits for competition (e.g., no bikinis).
  • The Neptunes team color is ROYAL BLUE. So, we recommend a black or royal blue swim suit or jammer.
    • It can be a solid blue or a print blue.
    • If you don’t have luck finding a blue suit, then a black suit is recommended.
In addition to team suits, you can find many options for Neptunes branded clothing and gear at All items purchased from swimoutlet earns $ for the team!

6. Meets and Events
All team events are posted to the team website at Team Event Schedule.
You can also sync the Neptunes google calendar with your own and have the swim meets and events added automatically. The calendar is on the front page of the website and has the entire season schedule for all known events. 

7. Looking Ahead
Saturday, June 9 - All Comers Time Trials @ Whetstone
Details to come....

Friday, June 156:00-7:30pm - Pasta Dinner @ North Creek
Details to come....

- Bring your activity card so you can get into the pool!
- If you haven't registered, you must bring your signed form and payment to start practice

Send any questions to

See you at the pool!

Jen and Kristi

Registration // Junior Coaches

posted May 11, 2018, 9:35 AM by NorthCreek Neptunes

Registration opens tomorrow for the 2018 summer swim season!
Please download and fill out the form from our website and bring it to North Creek along with your payment. We will have blank forms to fill out on site, but if you bring a finished form it will be faster :)

Please spread the word with neighbors and friends who might be interested too. We'd love to have some new Neptunes join us this year!

Saturday May 12
North Creek Community Center

Ages: 5 (as of June 1, or entering Kindergarten in September) through 18 (by June 1, 2018)
Fees: $130 first child, $120 second child, $110 each additional child

Junior Coaches
This year we are looking for Junior Coaches to assist with the morning and evening pre-team practices. We need at least 3 for AM and 3 for PM. 
These would be dedicated junior coach positions for SSL  hours only. All junior coaches will also receive a coaches tank top.
If you are interested, please talk to Jen at registration, or send us an email.

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