Long Course 2018




Hosted by North Creek Neptunes Swim Team


WHERE: North Creek Community Center Pool

20125 Arrowhead Way

Montgomery Village, MD, 20886

Directions: Google maps or

From I-270, take exit 11, Rt. 124 North, Montgomery Village Avenue.

Proceed 3.3 miles on Montgomery Village Ave. to a light at Arrowhead Road, just before the tennis courts.

Turn right.

The pool is on the left.

SCHEDULE: Open warm-ups begin at 7:30 am. The meet begins at 8:15 am.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to Montgomery County Swim League teams that have been invited and certain selected summer teams outside Montgomery County. Swimmers do not have to be an “A” meet swimmer to participate, but they must be registered with their team. Each team must have a coach or a parent representative. Swimmers who are invited to participate in the MSCL Coaches Long Course are not eligible for the North Creek Long Course meet. Swimmers who are alternatives to the Coaches Long Course may swim other strokes at North Creek, as long as they did not swim in any events at the Coaches meet.

RULES: Current MCSL rules shall govern the meet. All events are timed finals. A contestant may enter no more than 3 individual events and 1 relay event. Only one relay per team for each relay event is permitted.

EVENTS: The purpose of our long course is to give as many swimmers as possible a long course experience. The events are the same as the normal MSCL swim meet free, back, breast, and fly events, but double the distance and there are no Individual Medley events. We also provide a 400 freestyle relay. See the list of the events attached at the bottom of this page.

OFFICIALS: Each team should provide at least one certified official for this meet.

TIMERS: Participating clubs are required to provide timers for the meet (2 if more than 10 entries, 3 if more than 15 entries).

SUPERVISION: Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their swimmers and for cleaning up their team areas.

FEES: Fees for individual events are $3.50. Fees for the freestyle team relays are $12.00. Late registration fee is $15.00/Team. Send entry fees to the automation official prior to the meet, if possible. In order for a swimmer to swim an event, any fee and registration paperwork for that event must be given to the automation official by 7:45 AM, which is no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (8:15 AM). Make checks payable to “North Creek Swim Team.” Your team’s name should be on the check.

CONCESSIONS: There will be concessions of food and beverage available for athletes and spectators at this meet.

AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded for first through eight places in all events. First through third places will receive a large rosette type ribbon. Other swimmers will receive a participant ribbon.

MEET ENTRY PROCEDURES: Each team must provide the attached entry registration sheet to list the total for the entries of the entire team, the names of certified officials, and up to three timers that can assist at the meet. Deliver or email this sheet prior to the meet to the automation official or provide it no later than 7:45 AM the morning of the meet. We highly encourage submission of entries by email using team manager software. To prepare your entries, download events for the meet and then import them into team manager (download “NCLC15.zip”),and unzip them. Then go to team manager/file/import/meet events. The template meet events “.ev3” & “.hyv” files are also attached at the bottom of this page. So that we can confirm correct submission of entries, also send a) the team roster file, in addition to the meet entry file; and b) a PDF version of the meet entries..

DECK ENTRIES: Deck entries for the $3.50 fee will be accepted on the day of the meet, by 7:45 AM, which is 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (8:15 AM), if a swimmer can be entered into an unoccupied lane. Deck entries will be done on a first come, first serve basis. New heats will not be created for deck entries. Deck entries may be placed in any open lane in another heat or event at the discretion of the Meet Director.

DEADLINE: To be eligible to participate in the meet, teams must notify automation by email that they intend to participate by 7:00 PM, Friday, July 13. Also, to avoid a late fee, the automation official must receive all non-deck entry files for the meet and the full team roster file by this 9 PM Friday deadline. Teams that do not make the Friday 9 PM deadline for entry files are subject to the $15 late fee and may provide late entry files (along with the team roster) up to 2:00 PM Saturday, July 14. Any team registering on time (entry files and team roster received by 9 PM Friday, July 13) may add up to 5 late swim entries without paying the late fee. Any swim entries received after 2:00 PM Saturday, July 14, may be subject to the deck entry rules. Although deck entries are not subject to the late fee, they are subject to a space-available basis as explained above.

Questions or Inquiries: Dave Lechner, Meet Director (dave "AT" lechnersonline "DOT" com)

All inquiries about automation should be directed to Irina Belyakov. (archonka "AT" yahoo "DOT" com)

HOW NEPTUNES CAN HELP: The Long Course Meet is a fundraiser, helping to both raise funds for a local charity (Gaithersburg Help) and for the Neptunes, and all North Creek families are needed to help make this meet successful!! Please see the note from Dave Lechner, Meet Director, in the attachments below for information on the two important ways you can help make the meet successful: asking for donations for our charity raffle and helping during the meet.