North Country  

Research and Investigations 

of the Paranormal

A paranormal investigation team located in the in the southern Adirondack region of upstate New York.

The North Country has incredible atmosphere with its centuries old buildings and historic landmarks!  Creaking floorboards and flickering lights are not out of the ordinary in our Colonial and Victorian homes.  There are things that happen to "get our attention" that cannot be easily explained or ignored.  When dealing with paranormal phenomenon it can be reassuring to get feedback and possible evidence connected with your personal experiences.

North Country Research and Investigations of the Paranormal is comprised of members of our community who are trained and experienced in conducting semi-formal to formal investigations of paranormally "active" sites.  Our team consists of skeptics as well as believers, and every investigation is conducted with the highest regard and respect for the property, the owners, and any other "resident" that may be in attendance.

North Country Research and Investigations of the Paranormal makes use of both technology and intuits to determine paranormal activity and collect evidence, when possible.  Our discrete investigations are designed to meet your individualized needs.  Details of our investigations are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our team without your permission.  Public presentations of our findings are available to those desiring a unique way to establish public interest in historical sites and businesses.  

     If you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss a possible investigation, please contact us at:

North Country Research and Investigations of the Paranormal conducts investigations for educational purposes at no charge to you!