Hello, families of the North! My name is Rebecca Farnham and I am the school counselor. I am here to support the academic, social and emotional needs of students. I do this by providing individual and small group counseling to students who need to discuss any number of concerns. These may include social issues with peers, stressful situations within the family, grief, or academic progress. I may also teach classroom guidance lessons on friendship skills, bullying, conflict resolution, self-esteem, diversity or other topics that arise throughout the year. 

I work with all the students at the North. If your child comes home and tells you that they had lunch with the school counselor, please don’t be alarmed. I invite students to my room so that I can get to know them and they get to know me in a fun, casual setting. When a pet dies, a relative is ill, a big move happens, families change, or if there is trouble at recess or in class, your child will find it easier to seek support if he or she already knows me. 

Please take a minute to review my more detailed description of offerings and to complete the attached survey (found on the navigation bar to the left, under "Program Description").  The survey is not required, but by completing the survey you will help me to get to know the students and to better plan my programming for the year. 

In addition to providing counseling services, I also serve as the school coordinator for the Special Education Program and the Americans with Disabilities Act (504 Plans).

Please call or email me if there is anything I can do to help you or your child: rebecca.farnham@wpsk12.com or 978-694-6040.