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NCHCA Meeting Minutes


July 1, 2009 – NCHCA Meeting Minutes


I.                   Presentation by Ted Loza, Volunteer with Fiesta DC Latin Festival

a.       Ted also works in Jim Graham’s office, as Chief of Staff

b.      Fiesta DC started in late 1960’s/early 1970’s; event didn’t exist between 2000-2003, but has been restarted

c.       www.fiestadc.org, info@fiestadc.org

d.      Mission of event is to contribute to the preservation, diffusion, and promotion of Latino culture and heritage in the DC Metro Area

e.       40,000 people expected

f.       Event will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2009, from 11am-7pm

g.      Will be held all along 14th St in Columbia Heights, from Spring Rd to Irving St

h.      Numerous events leading up to the big day – see www.fiestadc.org for more info

i.        Currently has support from numerous other community organizations, including the ANC and NCHCA

j.        Rod Leiva, President, and Roland Roebuck, Vice President, also discussed the event.

k.      This will be a family friendly event

                                                  i.      No alcohol will be served

                                                ii.      All music will be family friendly

l.        Trash will be handled by a 3rd party, in conjunction with DPW; inspection of area to follow event to ensure proper clean up

m.    Private undercover security/MPD will be present at all times

n.      Various food vendors will be present, all approved by Dept of Health

o.      14th St will be completely closed from Spring to Irving; DDOT will alter traffic patterns on side streets as needed

p.      Parade of Nations – 400 person parade celebrating various countries

                                                  i.      No 18 wheelers in parade

                                                ii.      Golf cart sized vehicles only

                                              iii.      Parade route will be marked weeks in advance

q.      FiestaDC is recruiting youth to help with festival

II.                Presentation from Sergio Herrera, Columbia Heights Day

a.       Contact columbiaheightsday@gmail.com with questions, ideas, donations.

b.      Columbia Heights Day will be Saturday, August 29, 2009 from 10am-6pm

c.       Focus of event will be on Columbia Heights businesses

d.      Two stages of music – various genres, including folk, latin, etc.

e.       Event will cost nearly $15K, looking for donations

f.       This year’s festivities include a petting zoo, carnival games, eating contest, etc.

g.      Kenyon Street will be closed from 11th to 13th during the event

h.      Various local restaurants/bars will have specials day of the event.

i.        Last year’s event had about 1200 people – hoping for 2000 this year.

j.        Current sponsors include DCUSA, Wonderland, Chantal Real Estate

k.      If you would like to volunteer, contact columbiaheightsday@gmail.com

III.             Presentation from Hector Gomez, of Tivoli North Business Association (TNBA)

a.       Hector@tivolinorth.com

b.      TNBA is focusing on businesses from Monroe to Shepherd St.

c.       Includes an overlap of Ward 1 and Ward 4 – working to increase collaboration, despite being in separate wards.

d.      3rd Saturday of every month, there are neighborhood cleanups, next one is July 18th (coordinated with NCHCA)

e.       Littering campaign being started in schools – teaching youth not to litter

f.       911 calling campaign being considered – to promote safety

g.      Tree box care campaign being started in conjunction with DC Cares; evaluating an option to have local businesses sponsor tree boxes

h.      July 28th – there will be a meeting with Mayor Fenty to discuss next steps in these campaigns; location TBD

April 1, 2009 Meeting – “Public Transit

  1. Presentation by Owners/Managers of Tynan Coffee

    1. Dan/Elise Bloodwell – managers, residents of Highland Park

    2. Brian/Jim Sullivan – owners

    3. Will be located in Highland Park, between Five Guys and Commonwealth

    4. Open – June/July

    5. Traditional coffee house:

      1. Increased focus on teas (all loose leaf)

      2. Expect 15 or so tea options (blends/tea lattes/seasonals)

      3. Various food options (salads, quiches, soups, sandwiches, desserts/cupcakes)

      4. Breakfast options TBD

      5. Prepackaged coffee/tea for sale; supplies for sale (mugs, tea accessories, etc.)

      6. Limited alcohol menu (3-4 wine/beer options)

      7. Interested in community input on menu, etc.
    6. All products locally sourced

    7. Focus on “in store” experience

      1. Local neighborhood theme

      2. Free wifi

      3. Fireplace

      4. Soft seating/counter seating/tables for 2/4/6

      5. Total 40-50 seats

    8. Hours:

      1. Mon-Thurs – 6:30am-9pm

      2. Friday – 6:30am-10pm

      3. Saturday/Sunday – 8am-10pm

    9. Other locations to be opening in DC area – Petworth, etc.

  2. Presentation by Councilmember Jim Graham on Public Transit Issues

    1. Also presenting:

      1. Jonathan Kass – Transportation Advisor

      2. S. Hernandez – Legislative Advisor

    2. Can email at jim@grahamwone.com with questions/concerns

    3. New bus services announced:

      1. S9 Express Bus – 16th St to McPherson Square (peak hours only)

      2. New Circulator Route – northern expansion

        1. Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights (14th and Irving)/U St/Logan Circle.

        2. Runs every 10 minutes

        3. Weekdays until midnight; weekends until 3am

      3. 43 – Columbia Road to Connecticut Ave; now goes under Dupont Circle to save 10 minutes.

    4. S1, S4 lines – no cuts

    5. The most bus line cuts are in PG County

    6. Most bus lines changes are done to prevent bus bunching

    7. Signal Prioritization:

      1. Allows busses to extend green lights to keep moving, prevent delays

      2. Currently on Georgia Ave, exploring other locations

    8. Considering making changes to parking on 14th Street between Irving and Kenyon – to encourage more use of DCUSA parking garage

    9. Columbia Heights Performance Parking Zone:

      1. Protects residential parking – only residents can park, no more 2 hour spots

      2. Meters – higher prices for short term to encourage used of DCUSA parking garage

    10. DPW moving ticket enforcement to 9am, rather than 7am.

    11. DDOT meeting upcoming in May (day/time TBD) to comment on CH Performance Parking issues

    12. Escalators at Metro:

      1. Work in progress, often long lead time for parts; Graham will have update soon (NB: since meeting, escalator returned to service)

      2. Signage with dates is new effort to increase transparency; downside is that it creates expectations that in this case were not met

  3. Presentation by Mohammed Khalid, DDOT Infrastructure Improvements

    1. www.columbiaheights-streetscape.com

    2. Park Road Streetscape Work – Mt Pleasant to 14th St, July completion

    3. Park Triangle Project:

      1. Fountain – test fit/preparations, July completion, then on to design and construction (DDOT managing)

      2. Arts and Humanities Dept handling tile

    4. Traffic signal at Pine and Park Rd (complaints – too short, traffic builds up)

    5. Sherman Ave Project:

      1. Survey complete

      2. Currently creating steering group

      3. Need to iron out issues with Pepco vault

      4. Very tight timeline – funding is part of stimulus package (construction must start by 2010)

      5. Design by end of 2009/Summer 2010 construction

    6. Lower Georgia Ave Project:

      1. Part of “Great Streets” Projects

      2. Will now be in two phases – Otis to Euclid, Euclid to Florida

      3. Euclid to Florida on hold indefinitely due to Howard University development plans (Howard Town Center)

      4. Otis to Euclid design underway; summer 2010 construction

  4. Presentation by Aaron Oberman, DDOT Mass Transit Administration

    1. 11th St Bus Service – changes in late 2008; excludes 11th St bus to Federal Triangle

    2. DDOT looks to consolidate bus service where it can on parallel streets

    3. Off peak Yellow Line Metro service to remain as is – cannot run Yellow at peak; too many Green Line trains, not enough spacing possible for turnarounds.

    4. Columbia Heights Metro had the highest ridership change in 2008 in the entire Metro system.

  5. Miscellaneous Q and A for all presenters

    1. Unlimited WMATA monthly passes – in progress, release TBD

    2. Auto load SmartTrip (like EZ Pass – reload from bank account once reach critical level) – expected 2010

    3. Columbia Heights Target – one of the highest grossing in the country

    4. Bed Bath and Beyond/Best Buy – very strong sales performance

    5. Washington Sports Club – in negotiations to expand current space

    6. DCUSA supposed to be advertising parking rates – Graham to look into why they aren’t

    7. Looking to lease DCUSA parking spaces to outside groups – hospital, etc.

  6. Next NCHCA Meeting – June 3rd, 7pm

    1. Agenda TBD, expect presentation by National Latino Festival organizers

North Columbia Heights Civic Association (NCHCA)

February 4, 2009

Meeting Minutes

Topic – Public Realm/Road Construction Projects


  1. Presentation by Scott Hammons and AJ Guy, co-owners of Social Restaurant 
    1. Social is new restaurant/bar to be opened at the southwest corner of 14th and Meridian, NW, just north of Allegro Apts.
    2. Building currently under redevelopment.
    3. Third owner is Tim Korzep
    4. Trio is very experienced in the restaurant/hospitality field – opened Hotel Helix in Logan circle, Houston’s Restaurant, etc.
    5. Social will be “an extension of your home and living room”, a “comfortable alternative to upscale restaurants”.
    6. Focus will be on small plates and shared dishes,
      1. Also entrees for one, aka “self indulgence”, will be available.
      2. Larger sizes for groups available.
    7. Not to be confused with tapas – not necessarily a strictly Spanish influence.
      1. Influences from all over the world
      2. Sample dishes include Short Rib Sloppy Joe Sliders with Port Reduction and Jumbo Shrimp with Cajun Cocktail Sauce
      3. Also serving brunch
    8. Pricing – small plates around $8 each
    9. Plan on liquor/beer/wine – currently pursuing liquor license
      1. Focus on high quality, but reasonably priced
    10. Will occupy two floors of building
      1. Also sidewalk café, patio off second floor
      2. Seats 75 inside, 25 in sidewalk café (maybe less), 25 on patio (maybe less)
    11. Hours – TBD, likely not late
    12. Please direct questions to Social14thStreet@gmail.com    
  2. Presentation by Clark Ray, Director, DC Department of Parks and Recreation, on status of 11th and Monroe Park 
    1. DPR has been receiving lots of community feedback on the 11th and Monroe park.
      1. Parents complaining that kids cannot go to park, as it is not safe.
      2. Defacation/urination in park
    2. Currently, there is no capital funding available to fund a project for the park
    3. Over the past few years, there has not been an increase in capital funds available for projects
    4. 2010 is likely the earliest that work could possibly begin on the park, but there would need to be funding made available in the 2010 budget.
      1. The deadline for this is October 2009.
      2. Recommended that the community get in touch with Jim Graham to ask that funding for 11th and Monroe be set aside for the 2010 budget
    5. Another avenue to make funds available for the park is a Neighborhood Investment Fund (NIF).
      1. There are currently NIF funds available.
      2. Graham can designate the 11th and Monroe park a NIF project, which would allow this available funding to be used.
    6. Currently, there are funds set aside for “14th Street Parks”
      1. Includes 14th and Ogden/Oak, 14th and Girard ($2 Million)
      2. These could be redirected to help with 11th and Monroe, but this would have to be ordered by Graham.
    7. There are park rangers on staff of DPR
      1. They do not have authority to make arrests, but they can kick people out or call MPD
    8. Fence and lock seem to have helped somewhat, but there are still a lot of issues.
    9. Basic redesign of park would include new flooring and playground equipment – likely would cost a minimum of $850K.
      1. Extensive engineering, including drainage redesign included
      2. Unable to begin any design until funding is available (design team costs $$)
      3. Design will have to include community meetings, incorporating all stakeholder groups. Neighbors, current users, families with kids who want to use the park, etc.
    10. Questions should be directed to:
      1. Clark Ray – clark.ray@dc.gov (cell: 202-550-5889)
      2. Bridget Stesney – 202-671-0453
  3. Next NCHCA Meeting – Wednesday, April 1, 2009 (Topic TBD)
    1. Email Jeff Zeeman, President NCHCA or Adam Aaronson, Secretary NCHCA with ideas/recommendations
    2. Jeff Zeeman - zj2000us@yahoo.com
    3. Adam Aaronson – Adam.l.aaronson@gmail.com



October 1, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Topic – Public Realm/Road Construction Projects

  1. Reminder about Columbia Heights Day – Saturday, October 4

  2. Presentation by Gabriella Vega, Transportation Planner – Ward 1, DDOT

    1. Streetscape work being phased to implement quickly, and to minimize effects on businesses and traffic.

    2. Bid awarded in September to contractor

    3. Work originally slated to begin in early October, contractor is proposing alterative schedule – possible start later in October.

    4. First project – Triangle Park at 14th and Kenyon

      1. Public plaza: scope includes fountain, plantings, lighting, pavers.  Design is more or less finalized, although project engineers may tweak at the margins. 

    5. Second project – Park Road from Holmead to Mt Pleasant St.

      1. Scope includes curb extensions at corners, trees

      2. One lane of Park Road will remain open during reconstruction

    6. “Great Streets” program:

      1. Effort to make “complete streets”, that address businesses and pedestrians

      2. $84M proposed for Great Streets program

    7. Sherman Ave Project:

      1. Part of Great Streets

      2. Scope includes:

        1. adding median with trees

        2. reconfigure traffic lanes (one lane each direction)

        3. bike lanes

        4. widen sidewalks

        5. curb extensions at corners

        6. left turn lanes

      3. Schedule:

        1. Design - November 2008-2009 (there will be opportunities for community input during this process)

        2. Construction – January 2010-2011 (phased to minimize impact on traffic, pedestrians)

    8. Georgia Ave Project:

      1. Lower Georgia Ave Project:

        1. Florida to Otis

      2. Mid Georgia Ave Project:

        1. Otis to Ward 4 border

      3. Howard University slowing Georgia Ave projects – DDOT wants to incorporate Howard Town Center design into Georgia Ave design, Howard has no design for Town Center yet, hence the delay in beginning this portion of the project.

    9. New Hampshire Ave Project:

      1. Median work (greening, planting trees)

      2. Will tie into Sherman Ave Project

      3. Possible roundabout at intersection of Park and New Hampshire?

    10. DDOT having community meetings approximately every 40-50 days

  3. Other Discussion Points

    1. Possible Smart Bike location at Giant

    2. New trees will be planted at 14th between Irving and Kenyon when sidewalk work begins

    3. Traffic pattern to change at 14th and Park to allow for better pedestrian patterns

    4. Traffic light work to take place at 14th and Newton, to allow for longer crossing times for pedestrians

    5. Public Realm community meetings are driven by the Office of the Mayor, not DDOT

    6. Multi-space parking meters to arrive December/January

    7. New bus stop shelters: some residents expressed that they were too close to the curb, preventing wheelchair access.   This will be remedied via the redesign / extension of sidewalks in public realm. 

    8. Graded pavement near Highland Park entrance to metro presents a tripping hazard.  City officials present at the meeting will investigate. 

    9. For questions or comments re: progress of the Columbia Heights Public Realm plan, contact Don Edwards of Justice & Sustainability, 202-297-1603, meedwards@hntb.com or Don@jsallc.com

  4. Next NCHCA Meeting – Wednesday, December 3 (topic TBD)


North Columbia Heights Civic Association (NCHCA)

August 6, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Topic – trash/graffiti, new wine bar, yoga studio, Columbia Heights Day 

  1. Presentation by Paul Ruppert/Ben Gilligan, co-owners of new wine bar
    1. Will be located at southwest corner of 11th and Lamont
    2. Construction is underway – expected to open in October
    3. 20 seats inside, 28 seats outside
    4. Basic menu – cheeses, meats, soup of the day, salads, desserts
    5. Atmosphere is expected to be comfortable, not rowdy
    6. Multiple partners – all from the neighborhood
    7. Plan on opening at 5pm
    8. Considering weekend brunch
    9. Name of bar TBD
    10. If neighbors want to help, they should email ANC Commissioner Sam Johnson (sjohnson@navy.mil) to express support.  
    11. TBD when owners will present to the ANC, possibly September


  1. Presentation by Quiet Mind Yoga Studio
    1. http://www.quietminddc.com/
    2. Located on 14th Street, between Monroe and Newton
    3. Goal of owner, Nicole Foley, is to make yoga more accessible to the masses
    4. Free community class each week – check website for schedule
    5. Considering charity events, including canned food drive


  1. Presentation by Sergio Herrera, Executive Director of Columbia Heights Day Initiative
    1. http://columbiaheightsday.org/
    2. CH Day Initiative was started in 2007
    3. Hopes to grow the event every year
    4. Increased advertising this year – including ANC, local blogs, CityPaper.
    5. This year – Saturday, October 4
    6. Location – Tubman Elementary
    7. Event is open to all, with a focus on Columbia Heights.
    8. Will have music, vendors, etc.
    9. People interested in having a table/volunteering/etc – should email columbiaheightsday@gmail.com


  1. Presentation by Reginald May, Solid Waste Education Department, Dept of Public Works
    1. DPW’s role is to maintain all public space – residents have a responsibility to maintain from their property to the curb, businesses responsible to maintain from property to 18” from curb
    2. Complaints/questions should go to 311 or 727-1000 (make sure you keep tracking number)
    3. Complaints about rats should go to the Dept. of Health; block can get abated for rats with a signed petition with 51% of names from the block
    4. Helping Hands Program – provides community with tools/equipment for cleanups (contact Reginald May or Tom Day for more info)
    5. If new trash cans are needed, call 311
    6. City will remove graffiti from 1st/2nd floors; 3rd floors or higher will be contracted out to a 3rd party
    7. Rapid Response Team is in place to quickly remove graffiti
    8. If recurring graffiti on a particular location, surveillance can be set up to catch offender
    9. DPW only treats vacant lots if they are in public space; DCRA handles if not public space
    10. DPW typically will not add a street trashcan in a residential area – only near businesses or bus stops.
    11. Dog waste – required to be cleaned up by dog owner, both on public space and private.


April 2, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Topic – crime prevention, updates on local crime incidents

  1. Presentation by Officer Garrison, from the Third District Vice Unit

    1. His focus is on drug crimes, gun related crimes, etc

    2. Trend in neighborhood seems to ebb and flow based on time of year

      1. Tends to peak around holiday time

    3. 3501 13th St. –

      1. location of local search warrants

      2. led to multiple arrests, evictions

    4. 3500 block of 11th St. –

      1. recent sting operation, drug activity

      2. multiple arrests made

    5. 9th and Spring Rd –

      1. location brought up by community member

      2. Garrison noted that this is a known marijuana hot spot

      3. will send officer to investigate

    6. 3600 block of 10th St –

      1. known drug activity in alley

      2. investigation ongoing

    7. Gang activity noticed in the area

      1. Active in different locations in the area

      2. Including MS13, STC, Latin Kings, among others

    8. Recent Metro attacks/robberies –

      1. Arrest made

      2. MPD and Metro Police joint operation

      3. BB guns were used in the robberies

    9. Tips to prevent robberies –

      1. Don’t use cell phones or ipod – gives thieves a target

      2. Look people in the face – scares thieves off

      3. Keep an eye out for patterns – people, cars, etc

      4. Be aware of valuables in plain sight

      5. If robbed, cancel credit cards ASAP

  2. Presentation by Commander Larry McCoy

    1. Crime overall in the 3rd District is down so far this fiscal year (however up based on calendar year)

    2. Theft from cars is up, violent crime down

      1. Since January, 2100 theft from auto claims

    3. Bait car is currently in use in the neighborhood (car with valuables in plain sight to attract thieves)

    4. Car owners should keep all valuables out of sight

      1. Leaving GPS bracket/suction cup on windshield signals to thieves that a GPS is in the glovebox

      2. Keep serial numbers of all electronics

    5. Prostitution unit shut down multiple houses in the neighborhood recently

    6. Multiple robbery arrests recently

      1. 1 adult/1 juvenile – responsible for 15 robberies in DC/MD

    7. Cameras recently added to 14th St corridor – helped in recent arrests

    8. Shotspotter installations coming soon

    9. Officers to be issued laptops so they will have constant access to email

    10. Tag readers have been installed on top of cruisers to automatically scan all plates to identify stolen cars

      1. To be installed on streetcleaners in the future

    11. Girard Park – designated as one of three trouble areas in the city

    12. Three homicides this year, all in Park Morton area

    13. Best Buy, Marshalls, Giant, Target – all hired off duty police officers for security

    14. Officer Liriano (former officer assigned to Monroe Park) has been reassigned – new officer in charge of Monroe Park is Lillian Acebal.

    15. Spring tips –

      1. Stealing plants

      2. Bike thefts

      3. Burglaries through open windows

      4. Skylight entries

  3. Presentation by Chief Diane Groomes

    1. Big push in place to get more officers on foot and out of cars

    2. Summer safety program for kids to kick off soon

    3. Summer camp for 3rd district kids to take place this summer

    4. Robberies are popular on 11th St – quick getaway routes

  4. Next Community Clean up – Saturday, May 7th, 10am

  5. Community Happy Hour – Saturday, May 7th, following clean up, at Wonderland Ballroom

  6. Next NCHCA Meeting – Wednesday, June 7th, 7pm, Spring Road Mental Health Center. Topic – Green Space

North Columbia Heights Civic Association

February 6, 2008

Meeting Minutes


1.      Presentation of new officers:

a.       Jeff Zeeman, President

b.      Adam Aaronson, Secretary

c.       Richard Dubeshter, Treasurer


2.      Presentation by John Goldman, President of 3DG re: old Bi Rite space:

a.       Latest plan:

                                                   i.      1st Floor – Meridian Pint

                                                 ii.      2nd Floor – 3DG corporate office; Solimar Travel (eco-travel); TBD (small space remains)

                                                iii.      Basement – TBD, possible kitchen space for Meridian; possible Rorschach Theatre

                                               iv.      John encouraged us to contact Rorschach to express support for them moving into that space

b.      Building is designed to be an “iconic” building for Columbia Heights

                                                   i.      Building materials – light grey stone, white painted brick, wood slatting

                                                 ii.      Building will be built to green standards; TBD w/not it will achieve LEED certification/rating, but will incorporate LEED point equivalents

                                                iii.      Considering solar panels/green roof

c.       Expected timeline:

                                                   i.      Within 45 days – secure funding

                                                 ii.      End of March – construction begins

                                                iii.      End of Summer – 2nd floor offices open

                                               iv.      Fall – Meridian Pint open

3.      Presentation by John Andrade, owner of Meridian Pint:

a.       To serve comfort food, specializing in Belgian beers

b.      Hope to serve weekend brunch, both Saturday and Sunday

c.       70-80% of business expected to be from the neighborhood

d.      Target price range - $8-$12 for appetizers; $14-$16 for entrees

e.       Only draft beers, no bottles. This will help the environment by reducing trash, and will keep noise down when removing trash from the property.

f.        Hoping to have outdoor seating

g.       Hoping to have bike racks outside

h.       Possibility of discounts for patrons arriving on bike

4.      Presentation by Officer Anderson Liriano from DC Police Dept:

a.       Liriano is the officer assigned from the 3200 block of 11th St to the 3600 block of 11th St. (Kenyon to Otis); including Monroe Park

b.      His shift is typically 2pm-9:30pm

c.       Since he has taken over, 12 people have been arrested in the park for illegal activity; 3 have been deported.

d.      Officer advised that if the community has issues with specific areas, to call him to discuss and he can focus on it during his rounds.

e.       Plans to speak to supervisor re: getting additional officers assigned when he is not on duty.

f.        Email: Anderson.liriano@dc.gov

g.       Cell: 202-576-8222


5.      Presentation by Tavarius Butts, Manager of BB&T:

a.       Looking to get more involved in the community; exploring option of hosting workshops to discuss savings, home buying, etc.

b.      Working with local realtors to set up workshops.

6.      Group discussion/updates/rumors of local 11th St businesses:

a.       Building next to Wonderland has been purchased; it is expected to be a retail development; open in 12-18 months.

b.      3313 11th St. (building next to Arthur’s) – has been purchased; rumored to become a restaurant-type establishment; details very secretive.  No activity on site since the purchase.

c.       Hope 7 Project (building on NE corner of 11th and Monroe) – PD Development was hired to develop the building; but no financing secured; no news on the project, which is in limbo.

d.      1014 Park – the “block within the block” (open space between Park, Lamont, 11th, and Sherman); ideas discussed to make a dog park, parking area, garden – but no firm plans set.  Councilman Graham’s office currently in discussions with owners re: possible acquisition of land in exchange for tax relief.   

e.       Building between Acuario and CH Coffee – currently vacant, owned by some owners of some of the 1014 Park land.


7.      Group discussion re: 2008 NCHCA meeting topics/areas of concern:

a.       Rodents

b.      Trash in alleys

c.       11th St Park (strong consensus for dramatic improvements to landscaping, appearance, safety, and child-friendliness of this space)

d.      Trees/Green Space (in particular green triangle at corner of New Hampshire and Park)

e.       Dog Cleanup (how to encourage owners to clean-up after their pets)


Next meeting of the NCHCA will be in April (first Wednesday). CHCA meets on the off months (next meeting in March). The next ANC meeting is Wednesday, February 13.  Next NCHCA clean-up is first Saturday of March. 



Wednesday, November 7, 7:00 P.M., at Park Triangle Community Room.   

Guests at the meeting were Jason Yuckenberg of Councilman Graham's office and Jonathan Kardon from Level 2 Development, the developer of View 14. 

(1) We briefly discussed the former Hope 7 project on the corner of Monroe and 11th.  A new developer, Prosperity Development, has taken over this project and hopes to get it rolling again.  As of now, the plans call for two additional floors, ground floor retail, and mixed income condominiums.  This may be subject to change over the next few months.  For more info, contact the developer directly:

(2) There was a presentation from Level 2, the developer of View 14 on Florida and 14th.  These will be rental apartments with ground floor retail.  The developer noted that they had provided $1 million to an adjacent tenants association for affordable housing, and also discussed their plans to attract locally-owned businesses to some of the retail space.  For more on View 14: http://www.view14.com/

(3) I briefly noted today's zoning board hearing re: the Bi-rite project.  From what I have heard, nothing has been signed with Warehouse.  Given how long the negotiations have taken, I am guessing there may be a few sticking points, but they are still the most likely first floor tenant.  I have also heard there is substantial interest from others in this space should the Warehouse negotiations fall through.  The zoning hearing is on Tuesday, November 13 at 1:00. 

Case Number : 17619  
Case Name : Application of 3DG/3400 11th Street LLC  
Case Summary : (Area Variance) pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3103.2, for a variance from the rear yard requirements under section 774, to allow an addition to an existing commercial building in the C-2-A District at premises 3400 11th Street, N.W. (Square 2839, Lot 121).  

(4) We briefly discussed the Monroe and 11th Street Park.  Everyone agreed that there needs to be substantial investment into this park.  Graham's office said they are interested in pursuing city funding for a redesign or refurbishment of this park in the next budget cycle.  There also needs to be increased policing of the area around the park.  Public art was discussed, but there was no consensus reached on that issue.  If you have ideas about this park or just want to press for the importance of general enhancements / redesign, contact Graham's office.  I am sure we will have a meeting devoted to this park at some point in 2008. 

(5) There was a lot of discussion about the recent, unprecedented crime wave.  Gangs are in large part responsible.  We discussed what police / the city are doing, and should be doing, to combat this crime wave, including gang-related initiatives (similar to others that have worked in the past), engaging area youth in more constructive pasttimes, citizen vigilance in calling 911 to report suspicious activity, insuring that police officers actually leave vehicles to patrol rather than just sit at one corner all night, installing more effective crime cameras.  Until the crime subsides, nothing else planned for Columbia Heights will have much of an impact on making the neighborhood more attractive. 

(6) We discussed the public realm plan.  Unfortunately there is not yet an exact date for implementation of the Columbia Heights public realm plan, but construction should begin sometime after DCUSA opens in March (apparently the idea is to not have too much disruption at once).  We encouraged as many green features as possible to be incorporated, as 14th street as currently constructed (which we were told is actually not the final layout) is devoid of any sort of trees or greenery.