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9th January 2018

posted Feb 6, 2018, 5:36 AM by NorthChelmsford CommunityTrust   [ updated Feb 7, 2018, 1:04 PM ]

North Chelmsford Community Trust

Trustees meeting 9th January 2018, 10am, at St Andrew’s Church

Present: Paul Greenland, Stephen Robinson (chair), Jude Deakin, Jill Smith-Hughes, Darren Moore

1. Financial update

Apologies from PG, couldn’t access accounts (password issues) but is on to it. However, not much has changed.

2. Membership and Fees

It was agreed that annually membership fees should be paid by 1st September which is the start of the NCCT financial year and in advance of the AGM, usually held by the end of September. Membership will officially lapse on 1st November 14 months later. This would then give the opportunity to collect both past year's and current year's subscriptions at the AGM to be held in that period.

The date of the 2018 AGM is 7:30pm Tuesday 9th October at St Andrew’s Church.

3a. Fox Crescent Update

Since AGM, the special school proposal inches forward. The Business case has been signed off, although no planning application has been submitted. This makes the hoped-ford school opening in 2018 impossible.

Corporate Parenting note that there is a lack of appropriate accommodation for care leavers, with few places to build or convert. It was mooted that some of the St Peter’s site might be used for this, perhaps as part of affordable housing.

3b. Other building/community updates

  1. Writtle Wick

Still waiting for some answers about who is buying and reason for a private sale, rather than continuing the discussions with NCCT.

  1. Meteor Way

Seems that E2V is not redeveloping, so the four community groups located there are safe.

  1. CIL from Houses north of Copperfield Road

CIL from this project allocated to St Andrew’s/Patching Hall will be three instalments of £95,000. There have been meetings about how it should be spent. It has been agreed that some will go towards the 5th/9th scouts meeting at the scout hut at St Andrew’s. PG confirmed that both the Parish and Diocese were keen to extend to lease.

  1. Langton Avenue Scout hall

Planning for redevelopment now moving on.

  1. Dickens Place

Stakeholders meeting planned on how additional money to be spent, particular interest in working together to avoid library closure and assist the school’s needs for extra space.

  1. Cycle Path

A cycle path from the new houses heading east to Broomfield Road might a possibility for some of the neighbourhood CIL money.

4. Business Plan

No movement here. We have had offers for help and passed on the work, but have yet to hear back. DM to continue to chase. Recently had more offers of help with developing a business plan.

5. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 6th February, 10am at St Andrew’s Church.