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8th August 2016

posted Aug 16, 2016, 10:45 AM by Stephen Robinson

Minutes of a Trustees meeting of the North Chelmsford Community Trust - held on 8th August 2016

Present: Stephen Robinson (SR - Chair), Rev Paul Greenland (PG - Treas), Jude Deakin (JD)

Apologies – Jill Smith Hughes (JSH)

Consultation plan

JD reported on the meeting she had attended at Chelmsford Council, with a consultant appointed by the council to manage the consultation with the public on the future of the St.Peter's site. JD was optimistic that this would be a meaningful process, with real opportunities for the community to contribute.

JD had emphasised the importance of involving young people and ensuring that any residential element reduced the impact of vehicle movements.

Around 2.5 hectares will be retained by Essex CC for special educational needs and the remaining 8.6 hectares sold off. The plan assumes Middle Block and all the outbuildings on the site will be demolished, but takes no final view on the original, redbrick North Block. 

Refurbishment could represent poor value for money, especially as it would attract VAT whereas new build would not. Views will be sought in the consultation. 

NCCT Business Plan

It was agreed that it was now urgent to complete the Trust's draft business plan for the site, so that it could be presented to the two councils to convince them to allocate land to the Trust for a community hub in the future development.

SR would contact again the local groups that expressed interest in the site to see if they are still interested e.g. Meadow Youth Football Club and the dance and drama groups.

JD agreed to speak to Chelmsford Leisure Services re. their view on the need for playing fields and play space on the site.

Additional Trustee

SR proposed Karen Whybro as an additional Trustee. Karen had offered her experience setting up a small business locally and in project management to the Trust. This was agreed.


It was agreed to convene the AGM on 14th September 2016 at St Andrew's Church.