Private Lessons

North Central Orchestras


Private Lessons


Private lessons are not required but are strongly encouraged due to their obvious value to the student and his/her musical growth. Attention to details particular to your instrument and to your specific needs cannot always be effectively addressed in a large ensemble.  The quality of the school orchestra program therefore is reliant on the musical growth of its members. In any fine musical organization, the majority of students study privately.



Pam Close                                           848-1716

Dean Franke                                        251-7460

Noelle Tretick Gosling                          257-1970,

Austin Hartman                          

Corinne Imboden                                 840-3886

Kathy Hershberger-Keith                     523-2333

Jilaine Jarvis                                        617-7744        

Shoshana Kay                                     510-914-1739

Chin Mi Kim                                         257-2012

Marsha Krantz                                     985-5789

Eva Lieberman                                    257-8766

Pam Williams                                      254-1216,

Candida Wiley                                     347-0288

Ginny Womack                                    849-4620



Donna Clark                                        291-5159

Kathy Hershberger-Keith                    523-2333

Marsha Krantz                                    985-5789

Theresa Langdon                               625-4978

Eva Lieberman                                   257-8766        



Ingrid Bellman                                     846-9334

Elizabeth E. Brooks                            590-6120,

Kurt Fowler                                         812-237-2743,

Andre Gaskins                                    397-3469

Marjie Hanna                                      257-3786,

Ron Nobles                                         283-6152,

Double Bass

Greg Dugan                                         353-8409

Robert Goodlett                                   257-2012,

Peter Hanson                                      259-0018

Michael Hartt                                       251-1703

David Murray                                       940-9246  (Butler University)



This list of tutors is being provided solely for the convenience of parents and students but should not be considered an endorsement of these individuals and their qualifications. These individuals are not employees of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township.