North Carolina Outstanding Biology Teacher Award

Background and Requirements:
Each year the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), identifies outstanding biology teachers in each of the 50 states, Canada, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and overseas territories.    One individual per state or other area may qualify to receive the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award (OBTA) for that year.    Nominations from students, former students, colleagues, administrators, and friends help us identify the worthy candidates.   Self-nominations are also welcome.

In North Carolina, Associated Microscope gives the NC awardee a microscope and nationwide each awardee receives a gift certificate from Carolina Biological as well as other sponsored gifts.   Award winners and their schools receive certificates as well as state and professional recognition.    Each year, at the NABT national convention, the OBTA winners will be recognized at a special luncheon.   The North Carolina winner will be recognized at the state NCSTA conference in the fall. 

To be eligible, a teacher must be a current biology or life science teacher (grades 7-12) and have at least 3 years teaching experience.    The teacher is not required to be an NABT member.  Unsuccessful candidates may be renominated each year but winners are not eligible again for 10 years.  For more information 

Nominated candidates will complete an application form summarizing their professional experience, academic background, and teaching philosophy and they will send a video of their teaching (about 10 minutes).   They will also provide four recommendations from people who are familiar with their teaching effectiveness.   At this time, in North Carolina, site visits and/or teaching video are not required.    

Nominations may be made online or the nomination form may be downloaded and emailed or mailed to the NC OBTA Director.  (Information is on the Forms page.)

  • Outstanding ability to teach biology and/or life science
  • Leadership and cooperation within the school and broader community
  • Creativity and initiative in planning meaningful learning experiences
  • Positive and effective student/teacher relationships
A document with a more detailed description of an "outstanding biology teacher" may be found on the forms page.    Please complete nominations by February 1, 2017