How to. . .

. . .give a capsule/tablet to a dog or cat.
    1.  Place your non-dominant hand on the top of muzzle or head, with your fingers on each of the k-9 teeth.
    2.  Using the other hand, have your pill between your index finger and your thumb. 
    3.  Tilt animal's nose up toward the ceiling at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.  You can use the hand with your pill in it (your ring finger or little finger) to open the lower jaw.
    4.  Once open, QUICKLY place the pill in the far center of the animal's mouth then QUICKLY remove your hand.
    5.  Close mouth and hold the head in a slightly elevated position.
    6.  Watch for animal to lick its nose.  This is a sign that the animal has swallowed.
    7.  You can use a little water also to help animal swallow.
    8.  You can also coat the medication in butter, if needed, to help it slide down easier as well, but please note it will make the pill harder to hang on to!

. . .give liquid medications to a dog or cat.
    1.  Obtain the appropriate amount of medication in your dosing syringe.
    2.  Using your dominant hand, place the tip of the syringe into the corner of the animal's mouth.
        Note: you do NOT need to have the mouth completely open to give medication.
    3.  Tilt animal's head slightly toward the ceiling, about a 45 degree angle as any higher will cause the animal to have a hard time swallowing.
    4.  Slowly push the plunger on the syringe injecting the liquid into the mouth of the animal.