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Our Clinic Pets

Gracie is our calico kitty that came to live with us in 2000.  She was a young adult when she came, possibly around 1yr. She spends most of her days laying around in the back of the clinic  begging either for food, water from the faucet, or attention.  She plays the role of "clinic princess" and does a fine job of ruling her domain.


Phoebe is our paralyzed cat that came to us in 2004.  She was a barn kitty that possibly had been attacked by a wild animal, but we're not totally sure!  She was about 8-10 weeks old at the time and seemed very alert for the situation.  Dr. Hunter decided to "give her a little time to see if any feeling would come back in the rear legs."  Needless to say, no feeling ever came back and she spends her days sleeping where she pleases.  She has no sensation in the rear half, so the staff has to express her bladder and she wears a diaper while out and about in the clinic.  She is fairly quick when she wants to be- even on two legs, she can out run the staff.