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California Republican Assembly

Where conservatism is more than just a word

 Our Mission Statement

The North Butte County Unit of the California Republican Assembly strives to elect
republican candidates who stand unwaveringly for bedrock republican principles.

During the election years our coveted C.R.A. endorsement is sought by many, but it
is reserved only for those candidates who meet our high standards for principled,
conservative, leadership and by the overwhelming approval of our membership.


Our Activism

We're very involved!   Some of our organizational activities include, but are not limited to, encouraging and
assisting prospective candidates to run for office.   We frequently hold meetings to discuss the politics of the
day and we sometimes classes on how to run for to discuss a variety of of election subjects from registration
to running an effective organized campaign.  Without good candidates our hope for a return to conservative
values in this state would not be possible... which is why we need you!

We regularly support all relevant issues, petitions and initiatives with both our financial resources
and the dedicated labors of our good members working to effect positive, conservative change.


Join Us!

Our organization is open all persons without reservation, so long as they are registered
republicans, currently living within our district of north Butte County, are of high ethical
character and wish to support the idealism and principles that founded this great nation. 

THIS  UNIT  WAS  CHARTERED  IN  MARCH, 1994 and two of the original
members  are still active in this  unit -   they are: Pete and  Lee  Weber. 
Kudo's for your support these many years Pete and Lee!


  • CRA CONVENTION - March 5th thru the 7th, 2010, Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel in Anaheim
    email us for more details - see side bar

Elected Officers for 2010, President Pete Weber, Vice President Russel Jones, Secretary Lee Weber, Treasurer Erny Spears.

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