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The Hispanic Vote Should Be 90% Conservative... and It Will Be

posted May 13, 2011, 7:56 PM by Guidogeorge Lombardi
The Hispanic Vote Should Be 90% Conservative... and It Will Be
There are rising indications that Latinos may not be as susceptible to Obama’s political courtship as his advisers apparently assume. Following Mr. Obama’s speech in Texas, where Omaba sounded very arrogant to even some of his hispanic supporters, most of, the nation’s largest conservative Hispanic organization released statements somehow critical of the present Administration. Some analysts have long acknowledged that Hispanics tend to share the GOP’s socially conservative agenda. But Latinos are finding much more common ground with Tea Party patriots than with socialist-leaning liberal democrats, probably because many of them, like those that ran from communist Cuba or other socialist dictatorship like Venzuela, have seen this movie before.
In Italy, where illegal immigration is becoming a real INVASION (and where we know most of the socialist tricks), the new conservative movement lead by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his ally, Bossi's Lega Nord, has been able (since early 2000) to revert the often-socialist vote of the immigrant community to his party coalition. 
The secret has been the courage of the local conservative politicians, people like our Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Congressman Allen West (R) from Florida, to go and speak right into the working class workplaces, reaching out and being sincere about our need for more legality, more security, more conservative principles and values.
I would add, as I mentioned in a recent radio interview on a syndacated show from California, that it is important to explain to the people already working here (in the US) that additional illegal immigrants will hurt most and hardest the very immigrants already here. As I told the audience: "When I speak to Carlos and Maria I tell them clearly that if hundreds of thousands of NEW illegals are going to come here, in Your city or town, they will take YOUR job, not mine. You must help us close the borders, you must help us clean up and report the criminal activities, only in this way we may help each other and move to a better working relationship where you work legally, and you keep what you earn (without giving some of it to those criminals who pretend to "protect" you but are really exploiting you". 
Hopefully some young conservative  politician will undrstand. Many of the Tea Party movement already do and some hispanics are already organizing the first latino conservative tea party groups.  Right on !
Guido George Lombardi