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Former Mossad Chief Speaks Out

posted Jun 2, 2011, 7:55 AM by Guidogeorge Lombardi
Less than six months after completing a celebrated term as director of the Mossad, during which he took pains to maintain complete silence, former Mossad director Meir Dagan said yesterday that, “it is important for ex-officials to make their opinions known.” It wasn‟t the first time Dagan has spoken out since leaving office, but yesterday at Tel Aviv University he let his opinions be known as never before.
Clash with Hizbullah: “Hizbullah has the military capability of a sovereign country, even more than some of the countries in the region. They have the ability to strike every inch of Israel‟s territory, and they will not differentiate between military and civilian targets. If you go to war, you don‟t know how you‟re going to come out of it.”
Israeli leadership: “The challenge of leadership is very problematic and complicated…Today‟s leadership does not connect with responsibility…Recently the leadership has failed to put forth a vision…Israel must present an initiative to the Palestinians. We have no other way, and not because they are my top priority, but because I am concerned about Israel‟s wellbeing and I want to do what I can to ensure Israel‟s existence. If we don‟t make proposals and if we don‟t take the initiative, we will eventually find ourselves in a corner.”
Palestinian reconciliation: “The connection between Fatah and Hamas is problematic and presents the State of Israel with a very difficult dilemma…we will have to wait and watch things develop. I don‟t think this is an historic alliance.” “The call to bring kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit home at any price is something the country cannot do. I am opposed to the current proposal. It is a very hard dilemma.‟