Working Together for the Students of Broward County

Next Meeting:
December 14th
Monarch High School
6:30-7:00 PM Steering
7:00-9:00 PM General

Representative Barrington A. "Barry" Russell FL-95

John Sullivan - BCPS Director Legislative Affairs 

Bring your friends!

The North Area would like to thank all of its members, parents and community members for their hard work to inform our area about the bond over the past several months.  

As per Superintendent Runcie, “The General Obligation Bond will provide the funds necessary to meet our schools’ most critical life-safety, technology and facility needs, as well as invest in music, art and athletic programs. The Bond is an investment in our students’ futures, as we work to provide them with the resources they need to learn to their highest potential.”

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POLICY 1.7 - SCHOOL BOARD-ESTABLISHED ADVISORY COMMITTEES AND APPOINTMENT OF A SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER REPRESENTATIVE(S) TO SUCH COMMITTEE(S) requires all Advisory Committee Appointed Members to undergo an orientation and training session. First time participants and or participants retaking the training in its entirety should allocate 45 minutes to complete the session. Members who previously successfully completed the orientation and training session have the opportunity to take a brief assessment in its place and if successfully completed, will count toward meeting the requirements established by Policy 1.7.
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Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) maintains 10 percent of Florida’s student population. BCPS champions educational policies that not only impact students within their District but affect students in every classroom across the state of Florida. The BCPS Legislative Affairs team works together with the Florida Legislature and Congress to boost funding and adopt policies that educate today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world. 

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Oct 13 - Legislative Affairs Department Pre-Committee Overview



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