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KAREN MONTANARO "Imagination in Action"

Imagination in Action!
artfully connects movement to narrative, demonstrating the connection between physical gesture and language arts. In this dynamic presentation of dance and mime, Karen Montanaro uses her superb technique in both ballet and performance-mime to tell stories through movement. Her presentations demonstrate how movement can influence choices when creating verbal or written narrative, and how movement is driven by imagination. Karen is a world-renowned dancer and mime artist, an award-winning choreographer, and the innovator of “Mimedance” (the fusion of two classical art forms). Her vast experience with performances, workshops, and residencies in dance, mime/movement, and creativity brings a variety of offerings to students of all grade levels.  For more information, visit


Through a variety of hands-on experiments, students will learn about the relationship between air temperature and air pressure and how wind and fronts are effects of different zones of air pressure; the Earth’s position and orientation determines seasonal changes in weather; sunlight heats different surfaces; land and water change temperature at different rates; air and water currents move heat around the Earth in observable patterns; and about weather-dependent behaviors of water such as cloud formation. 

MUSEUM OF SCIENCE:  “Now Hear This:  The Science of Sound”

Rock out to the science of vibrations, sound, and music. Using a range of dynamic experiments, students break the sound barrier, make a fiery sound wave, and silence an alarm clock using nothing at all. Strange instruments abound, including one that harnesses the power of lightning to make music.  For more information, visit

ODDS BODKIN: "The Rage of Hercules"

The real Hercules wasn't who you think he was...

Hercules. Heroic strongman? Kind do-gooder? In some ways, yes. But the real Hercules was also haunted by rages he could not control. He was the strongest adventurer in the world, yet in the end his towering ego was crushed by that very strength.  Brought to life with an immense voice only a master storyteller could create, accompanied by virtuoso music on 12-string guitar. Here is the genuine myth of Hercules. His loves. His madness. His guilt. His epic Twelve Labors. And much more.

”…listeners will learn invaluable lessons from this three thousand year old story as they connect Hercules' behavior with road rage, workplace rage, school shootings. "

Learn more from the Odds Bodkin website:


Born in Kolkata (Calcutta) India, Mitali lived in Ghana, Cameroon, London, New York and Mexico before settling in California just in time for middle school.  In the assembly, Mitali shares candidly about her experience of growing up between two cultures, exploring some of the tensions immigrant kids face, and introducing some of the richness of Bengali culture.  During the teen years, one thing's for sure: your life story gets much more interesting. Of course, that might mean your heart ends up a bit scorched in places. Good stories have the power to heal those burns.  For more information visit Mitali’s website:


In this writer's workshop, students learn storytelling tools and strategies that can easily be applied to the writing process, a strategy that has been proven to increase students’ language skills and build their overall comprehension skills, allowing for a fuller and broader language-development process. The process begins with the students telling their own personal narratives using prompts and guided imagery. Working with their peers, students identify their stories’ strengths and discuss the natural metaphors, similes, and the power of first and last sentences discovered within the storytelling process. Using this new knowledge, students create story maps and put pen to paper, writing, revising, and polishing their enhanced narratives to be presentation-ready.  For more information, visit


Perry Pomeroy of ArtQuest brings art to our children!  With her help children compare and contrast works of art from the 18thcentury to contemporary times, and from different geographical areas in the U.S.  They study and analyze paintings and works of art for location and historical context. As they view each piece of art they discuss the American region that it represents, resulting in discussions about its unique history, environment, geography, industry and lifestyles.  Featured artists include George Inness, Martin Johnson Heade, Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, Albert Bierstadt, and Georgia O’Keefe.


Paulette has been an amateur paleontologist since early childhood. She created the “Having Fun with Pyramids and Pharaohs” program as a way to bring her interest and knowledge into the classroom to augment the traditional ancient history curriculum. She brings a PowerPoint presentation and a large display of ancient Egyptian replicas and jewelry into the classroom. Paulette, as an amateur Egyptologist, is an active member of the American Research Center in Egypt, ARCE; the American Institute of Archaeology, AIA; and the Friends of Egyptian Art at Brown University. In 1999 Paulette produced her first educational video, Exploring Egypt with Paulette Morin, which was designed to complement school curriculum. In addition, she developed Millennium Tours and during the past 6 year she has led tours to Egypt especially designed for teachers. Over the past 18 years Paulette has traveled throughout New England as a performance educator.  For more information visit


What if your class happened to be in a theater, and ran into the ghost of William Shakespeare? What might he share with them from his 400 year look at his works? Actor, storyteller and Shakespeare scholar J.T. Turner portrays William Shakespeare, and brings The Bard’s tales and times to life. Students learn about how Shakespeare became an actor and a playwright, and what it was like to be a performer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This is a fun, fast paced, interactive show, and your students will learn what Elizabethan Theater was like, while listening and participating in some of Shakespeare's most famous scenes.

THEATRE ESPRESSO:  "Uprising on King Street"

In this program supporting the study of U. S. History, Theatre Espresso presents the circumstances that led to the Boston Massacre and recreates the trial of Captain Preston, the British commanding officer, defended by John Adams. Students take their role as jurors and explore the events that ultimately led to the Revolution through the eyes of ordinary men and women who were both shaped by and instrumental in shaping history. What are the responsibilities of a military force sent to occupy a foreign land? Is violence ever necessary to keep the peace? What role does class play in the administration of justice? In 1770, the people of Boston demanded justice.


Techsploration program and workshops are designed to introduce students to technology, science, and problem solving in a fun and exciting way. Tom Wahle uses a wide variety of methods- slides, huge props, juggling, blue harmonica, and even balloon tying- to teach technology and science concepts. In addition to being fun, the activities are highly educational. They reinforce the school curriculum, illustrate how concepts are applied to real life situations, and incorporate state standards. The 5th grade students will participate in a whole grade assembly performed by Tom Wahle and then break into smaller groups for a hand-on workshop. During the workshop, the students will work together in small groups to design and make a race car. They will end the workshop by testing and racing their cars on a special track. For more information visit


Scott Negley, director or Mainely Stars Planetarium, brings a unique experience to schools with his inflatable planetarium. He will be presenting "The Changing Moon" to the 3 graders. They will explore the causes of the moon's changing appearance during its monthly cycle of phases. Students follow the moon's nightly progression, using observations to predict its next stage. Using hands-on moon model and lamp, each student demonstrates the causes of the phases and shows how lunar and solar eclipses occur when the sun and moon are perfectly aligned.


Nationally acclaimed and award winning musician and teacher, Johnny Kelleher, along with his 12 string guitar and unique collection of costumed hats and disguises, educates and inspires his audiences through his spirited and interactive style of music. His exciting and unique method of teaching and empowering children has been greeted with overwhelming approval for over 23 years. For more information visit


"Habitats"-gr. K    "Animal Adaptations"-gr. 1   "Animal Senses"-gr. 2

Zoo New England educational programming includes live animals encounters, content that meets teachers' specific needs, curricula aligned with the Massachusetts State Framework, a hand-on approach to MCAS preparation and inquiry-based education that leaves indelible impressions on students young minds!

Karim Nagi "ARABIQA"

Join Egyptian-American Karim Nagi on an engaging, high-energy journey to learn about Arab and Muslim culture through a variety of traditional instruments, folk music, and traditional dance. Karim uses authentic costumes, maps, Arabic words, lots of audience participation, and humor as he enlightens his audience about a captivating world beyond the headlines. Karim is a master percussionist and dancer who likes to have fun with his audience!

 BubbleMania: Science, Arts and Comedy!

An extremely popular assembly, Casey combines polished entertainment with high quality visual art and practical, age appropriate science. All ages learn how bubbles form, why they're spherical, how to make a cube bubble and the science of bubble bursting - each topic related to the physical laws of the natural world. Older grades learn to appreciate practical applications of diverse bubbles in everyday life (soccer balls to air bags) and are actively involved in fun demonstrations of molecular bonding and surface tension. It is a fun learning experience for all ages!

Anne Bradstreet- Susan Lenoe - Storyteller

Anne Bradstreet was the first published poet of North America. Susan Lenoe enacts the mature Bradstreet as she looks back on her life. The story of Anne Bradstreet's life portrays a courageous and gifted woman and throws light on the history of this very early period of life in America. The presentation is an interactive conversation, sprinkled with Bradstreet's poems and thoughts!

The Finest Hour: The True Story of the Coast Guard's Most Daring Rescue By Michael Tougias

On February 18, 1952, a vicious Nor’easter wrecked two gigantic oil tankers less then 20 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. To save the crewmen, the Coast Guard braved towering waves that reached 70 feet, blinding snow, and one of the most dangerous shoals in the world. This daring rescue is the subject of Tougias’ award-winning book, soon to be a movie from Disney Pictures.

With dramatic photography, Tougias transports students into the heart of the storm, confronting them with the challenges the young heroes of the Coast Guard faced. It’s a tale about social responsibility and grace under pressure.

In addition to touching on the history of the period and the science of the storm, Tougias discusses writing the book, working with a co-author and making the film, and gives tips for students to make their own writing come alive.   

Windows on Wildlife

Windows on Wildlife programs are dedicated by a love of nature and a desire to protect it. The educational organization focus is on raptors, or birds of prey, because they are at the top of food webs and therefore key indicators of how healthy an ecosystem is.

The program will  cover various aspects of raptor life such as where they live, what special features they have developed for survival, and where they fit in the web of life. The programs are designed to be fun and engaging. All programs are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. And all include live owls and hawks.