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While we are looking at the city of Northampton as a cohesive whole, we necessarily have to zoom in on certain areas to proceed with our design.  From this page, you will be able to link to specific areas of Northampton we are currently focusing our design efforts on:

For the midterm review, we compiled all of our designs into a PROPOSED FIGURE-GROUND drawing for the whole city of Northampton.  While this drawing is abstract, we find it very informative about how our designs fit into Northampton's existing urban fabric.

Please take a look at our SECTOR DIAGRAM (DESIGN STRATEGY).  This drawing, central to our approach, expresses our strategy in proceeding with urban design proposals for Northampton.

We also recognize how critical and central public transit is to any healthy and sustainable city.  Therefore, we have proposed a new local transit system for Northampton.  We are not specifying what type of system this ought to be, as we believe it could function very well with bus or trolley.  Please see our PROPOSED TRANSIT drawing.

Please feel free to email us your comments as you view the work.  We invite anyone who is interested to participate in the discussion.  Points of view may conflict, making the process of dialogue and feedback vital to reaching a shared vision.  We ask that all comments and questions, even critical ones, be respectful of others and directed towards positive solutions.