Presenting the NAMMMR


Honoring past Register leaders for their dedication to the preservation of MG history,

for contribution of time and knowledge to preserve the heritage of MG MMM cars
in North America through the North American MMM Register.

Mr. Jerry Keuper   1988 - 1991

Mr. Bill Tantau   1991 - 2012

contact us by mail at:

North American MMM Register
P. O. Box 271825
Littleton, Colorado 80127

Current NAMMMR Officers


Past Chairman   

Vice Chairman    



    Director of Register Communications    

Director of Register Events    


Manager of Regalia    

Technical Coordinator    

Register Historian      

Jack Kahler

Bill Tantau 

Tom Metcalf

Alan Magnuson

Jack Schneider

David Lawley

Sarah Richey

Lew Palmer

Jack Schneider

Cathy Gunderson

Gary Krukoski

Philip Anderson