The North American MMM Register was created in 1989 by Jerry Keuper

to provide a means of communication among owners of MMM cars in North America.

"MMM" refers to Midget, Magna and Magnette: the overhead cam MG's

produced between 1929 and 1936. Currently 142 members participate in the Register.

The members own a total of 217 MMM cars encompassing 21 different models (although 459 cars

have been known to the Register). Publications sent to members in good standing include

the "N.A. MMM Newsletter" and the "N.A. MMM Annual Directory".

Dues are $40 per year worldwide. Dues are due on January 31 of each year. The dues cover the costs of printing and mailing of the publications which are the "vehicles" for our communications. Past issues of the N.A. MMM Newsletters will be available for download on the Newsletters tab of this website.

A downloadable PDF Registration form can be foundĀ HERE.

Alternately you can now pay your dues directly via PayPal .
To pay via PayPal, log on with your PayPal ID (or create a free account) and send the appropriate amount to

A NAMMMR Purpose & Guidelines document can be found HERE. This document contains Definitions and Qualifications for authentic MMM cars as recognised by the MGCC UK, Triple-M Register and published in their Register Directory, as well as our own.

contact us by mail at:

North American MMM Register
P. O. Box 271825
Littleton, Colorado 80127