"We the People" Virtual Art Museum

A podcasting project of fifth graders at Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts 

Allies Day (Childe Hassam)
Podcast by Anthony, Tyler, and Michael

Ladder for Booker T. Washington (Martin Puryear)
Podcast by Maia and Bailee

Grandmother's Fan Quilt (Hannah and Em Greenlee)
Podcast by Jessica and Stacia

The Sources of Country Music (Thomas Hart Benton)
Podcast by Maya and Samantha

The Country Election (George Caleb Bingham)
Podcast by Katelyn, Gabby, and Hailey

American Flamingo (John James Audobon)
Podcast by Lauren and Allison

Migrant Mother (Dorothea Lange)
Podcast by Frankie and Kendall


Elizabeth Winthrop Chandler (John Singer Sargeant)
Podcast by Cassidy and Marissa


Students gathered information and inspiration from the Picturing America Website, which is part of the National Endowment of the Humanities. Images for these podcast movies were also gathered from the Picturing America site.