Why does the school endorse Chromebooks?
Chromebooks were made with schools in mind, especially schools like Kapanui, who run Google Apps for Education. Fast start up, fast browsing, low maintenance and durable, the Chromebook removes many of the traditional barriers experienced when using computers in the classroom. Read more

I already have a device at home, can I use that?
Absolutely. If your device is Wi-Fi (Wireless-N) capable and has a web browser, it can access our network and be used with Google Apps for Education. Devices should also have a minimum 6 hour battery life.

Will I be able to use the device at college?
Kapanui are aiming to have a BYOD programme in place by 2015. Most BYOD programmes rely on a device having Wi-Fi capability and a web browser, which encompasses most devices these days.

What do I do if something goes wrong with my device?
When bringing a device to school, students are accessing our Wi-Fi network via user authentication. Kapanui School / Norrcom do not make any changes to the device. Students and parents are responsible for any maintenance or repair issues, however, Norrcom can provide technical support (at a cost) to the parents.

Insurance for the device is the responsibility of the parent.