Norngirl's temporary Storage place - Norngirls Creature stuff!


It has come to the point that I feel I have to make this clear.
Lately I am very feed up with people taking my stuff and
upload them else where,direct link to the files,take parts of my packs
 without my knowledge /asking without  my permission,sometime even without credit me/link back!
Not only that,some people been treating me just like a mine of gold - take my stuff
but not value me as a person for no reason,it truly disgust me.

I did not put up my things here for people to just use my things
because it can be of great use to them and then they can act ignorant/mean towards me.
I share my work because I like to share and connect with other fellow Creature players.
All of my breeds and sprites I take a lot of time and effort. I enjoy to spend time on working on them,
but mainly because I feel rewarded to see them come alive ingame. Originaly I did not create this stuff for other people,
but for my personal use as I love Creatures and I love to be creative. I love to do anything that has to do with art with.
,but never expected this kind of treatment. It truly make me sad.

If people do really appreciate my work and they want me to keep up with sharing them,then all I ask is people to respect me and my wishes:

¤ Allways ask for permission first before do anything else with my stuff! 
Allways try Contact Me first!

¤ Do NOT upload my creations elsewhere(Directhost) And/Or Direct Link to my stuff! Please Do Only link  back to my homepage!
My stuff is meant to stay on my homepage - as I made them and it's easier for me to keep track & update them!

archive purpose -  Only if my page does not exist anymore and you cannot contact me in any way!
 I would appreciate that the original content is unchanged , as well given proper credit to me who made the stuff
(same goes for credit the people I been co-working togheter regarding the files that is collab works only ), as well if it 
 is for the sake for other people to enjoy my Creatures stuff!

    ¤ Do NOT base (by parts or whole set) of  any of my breeds  for making your'e own and/or any of  my sprites & art in general - Use official breeds for that!
     I put a lot of time and effort in my breeds and most parts are hand drawn by me (such as the Albian bat wings,legs,MSAN body,tail etc).

    ¤ Do NOT take/ edit parts or change  in some way my stuff from my pack for your'e own use! 

    This Apply to All of my creature made content I made!

    You can contact me at:

    Feel free to drop by if you have any questions as well!


    Note: Also this goes for ANYTHING that is created by me,not only for my Creatures stuff
    (my Petz breedz and my Art & refs etc! I spend a lot of time,effort,heart and soul into the things I create!)

    Hopefuly this will make people more aware and understanding (hopefuly).
    If you follow my wishes - you are more than welcome to have a look around!

    Thank you for understanding,
    - Norngirl-

     Welcome to Norngirl's Temporary Storage place!

    Originaly this was a temporary site for my creatures stuff,
    while I was in progress updating my original site (no more running online).
    Not sure if it ever will be back 
    (I do still have my pages and files etc..)
    because only paid host&domain sites offer things free hosting does not. 

    Anyhow,This place have become my new main Creatures site
    for my breeds and other downloads made by me, as well stuff I made in collabroation.

    This site may not be a "wow" looking site or anything fancy,but
    at least it does what it is supposed to do.

    Im still learning the ways of making a page/site via googlesite,
    therefor it looks as it does otherwise I would have changed it entirely different.
    What matter is that it works.Maybe at some point I will change the site more to my liking.
    I might edit it now and then,so don't be suprised if more stuff change around or will be added.

    I am allways making new breeds,so hopefuly you might see more of them pop up here!
    The image above  is my remade Peace Norn for Creatures 2.
    The Peace Norns along with the remade Peace Ettins might be posted up soon!
    Some will be for Creatures 2, but I also have other breeds I am workin on right now for DS & C3,too!

      first time I was able to submit anything for the CCSF 09 .
    Got this 
    badge from kul3 for being one of many who contributed stuff there.
    Badge created and designed by amaikokonut).
    Links to my Genetical breeds I contributed on  CCSF 09:
    (except the preveiws and my pics I drawed,those can be found if you look around the site)

    Antinorns 2008 (C1 only) :
    Pholly norns ( Ds-c3 only,needs C1toDS to make them look right )

    LoneAge-Loma norns ( Ds-c3 only,needs C1toDS to make them look right )
    I dunno how much im able to upload here,so thats why i thought I
    link to them there,then uploading here (may upload them in the future,but for now at least)

         - Putting my own site links here if interessted
           (Hopefuly will be able to make a Link page to other Creatures sites)

    Here is a button if you want to link back to my site:
                  It is not much,but if you do like
         this simply page,then here is the link back button

    Link buttons to my other sites  (My DA page & Petz) :
          Love to do Art & ArtTrades     My new petz site!                      

    This is the following breeds and other stuff you find on my page:
    My Own Made Breeds:
    *Neko ettins (For C3/DS )
    * Cupid Heart ettins (For C2)
    * Pig Grendels (For C2)
    * TPSE (revamped version-For C2 and now for C#-DS )
    * MSAN (For C2)
    *Chameleon Ettin (For C2 & Also for C3/DS )
    * Cave Norns (For DS) 
    * CA Norns In DS (For DS Only) 
    * Cave Norn breed-addon breed for Creatures Adventure/Playground *as selectable breed*
    * The Floating CA Ear & Hair fix for Grendels in DS (Ds Only) 
    *CA Genetic Update (with egg agent..For Ds Only) 
    * Hair mutation genom for Creatures Village (Playground/Adventure Only ) 
    *CA Genetic Update - Breed&mix hair with this mutate&breedable hairs (For DS Only!) 
    *CA Genetic Update - Hairless CA Norns (DS Only) NEW!
    * Albian Bat Norns! (For C2  Only) 
    * Albian Bat Norn ColorPack! (C2 Only)
    *The C2 Grendel to DS/C3 Fix !!
    * Pig Grendels now for C3/DS! (added a GrenslotZ version) 
    C1 Portable Incubator - By me and Doringo (C1)
    * Agent Pack Co work Made By Me and Ghosthande (C3-DS - now bug fixed)  !!
    * Floating Lightup Umbrellatoy-Umbreltoy - by me and Papriko (C3-DS) !!
    * The Addictive Suicide Juice - Papriko (and me-spritewise) (DS)
    * The CA Balloon Maker (DS/C3)
    * Jigglybox - The Jigglypuff music box toy - by me and ylukyun (C3-DS)
    * PregyTreats -  made by me and razgriz (C3 - DS )
    *No more extra tail C1 PMN - Forest - Ron C2 patch (C2 Only )
    *PMN Male Eyes & Pink Innears Front Veiw Fix Patch - (C2 Only)
    *PMN Male Eyes & Pink Innears Front Veiw Fix Patch - C1 Version (C1 Only)

    zip/winrarfiles downloads are allways on the end of the page *

    The Neko ettins for C3/DS ^-^ *Takes Ettin slot H*
    Aren't they adoreable? ^o^ This charming feline ettins enjoy
    to play with toy's,follow the norns or theyre owner,and just be general sweet.
    They call the norn home as theyre own home and they don't collect gadgets ;P
    Cupid Heart Ettins *Takes Ettin slot G*
    The Cupid Heart Ettins are a sweet breed for c2 ^-^
    They breed great,but live short lifes,they also have the ability to
    Revive theyre fellow cupid heart friends if they get the "star decease" ;3
    Pig grendels (take grendel slot P)
    The Pig grendels are cute,pink,black spotted but also very hungry ^^
    They're non agressive grendels and enjoy to be cuddled ^^
    Theyre quite lazy as well ^^' Theyre only for c2
    The Colorpack of my Pig grendels!
    now you can have sweet and colorfull Pigs ^^
    Here is the chart of what colors you get ^^
    Turquise and Pink Striped Ettins! (Takes ettin slot Q)
    The TPSE,as they're called for short,was my first breed ever ^^'
    The orginal old ones can still be downloaded from my true site (norngirl's paradizia place)...but who would? X3
    I decide they needed a revamped look,so i took my time to redo the sprites for them,and now
    they look nice and spiffy ,this ones are for C2 ^-^
    Turquise and Pink Striped Ettins for DS-C3 converted by Silvak! (Takes ettin slot T)
    Silvak did  converted them for C3/DS, duo to he liked them so much,wich I find was very kind and flattering of him^^
    They where hosted at his site "The Crazy Shee's Labs"
    It seem Silvaks site is down and not back anytime soon,
    So I thought that at least I could upload his convertion of my breed,
    as theyre afterall still my breed,yet converted and got a new genom by Silvak,
    thought it was sad to see them go down,along with his other neat stuff : ( 
    You can find them as allways by scrolling down - look for TPSE C3-DS!

    The Maned Spotted Aardvark Breed *c2* (Takes norn slot R)

    This big cuties have a love for mostly eating bugs and fruits :3
    A good tip for you,is to have the butterfly vendors near,since they
    love to eat caterpillars,as well if you want more ants, lis morris have a
    great cob wich let you add more ant nests,her site may be dead since long;
    but luckily there's a mirrored version still up,so you can get the ants nest cob
    at her c2 cob page:

    Colored Spotted Aardvark Norns now out!
    The msan now has a color pack ^^ now you can enjoy some little
    ant eating color addition X3
    Chameleont ettins for c2 is here!!!! *Takes Ettin slot  W*
    Yes,My C3/DS ettin breed did i convert for some time ago,but never released it because,like its orginal
    Counterpart, The genom ^^' I took my time to fiddle a lot with it and now i think its time to release them ^^
    These may not be able to change color like the orginals,however they probely have a higher
    chance to produce colored offsprings,as well  a new trait that make them energetic in the heath ^^
    *the genom has been tested but i won't say its 100% perfect >_>* at least it work somewhat like i wanted it ^^
    EDIT: Is now updated with better att files and a arm fix!! :3
               The New Package is titled "Chameleon-Ettin_packC2 "
    Chameleon Ettins,Now fully complete! (C3-DS) *Takes Ettin Slot Z*

     (small updated)
    Yes,No more beta version,the real stuff is finished now,thanx to Razgriz for helping me out ^^
    The Chameleon ettins was my first C3-DS breed and was before released as a bad beta,with no true
    genom,but now you can download the full working chameleons ^^
    They come with a egg agent,wich includes 2 variants:
     Normal colored chameleons,and the orginal changing ^^
    The True Color shiftin chameleon variant,start off as a baby wich hasn't learn't
    how to color shift propely,so theyre in theyre regular colors,however when they grow,they change color ^^
    Here's the Evolution chart of the true "Color Chameleon" ettin :

    There's also two Install versions of them,The Manual install and the egg agent install,
    Both with complete a read me  :3
    Enjoy ^-^
    Cave Norns In DS!!

    The Cave Norns from Creatures Playground To DS ^o^
    Breed converted by me,lifestages and old coloration made by erling,
    The female hair made by me... This version is also updated with a Glyph
    pic error thats fixed ^^
    Download Link: -Might find a way to re-upload at some point,but it wont be any haste,as many people seem to not like them..

    Creatures Adventure Norns  In DS!
    The Adoreable CA Norns is here to stay in DS!
    They was originaly Converted By DementChild,I Only corrected the atts
    *via taking the CA atts,wich corrected the probs* As well Converted Only The Okapi and CP Bengal ^^
    (The Breeds use : Grendel slots = E,N,O,P,Q,U
    Download Link: -Might find a way to re-upload at some point,but it wont be any haste,as many people seem to not like them..


    Cave Norns   Now as a Selectable
    Breed with Lifestages added For CA standalone!

     You might Recognize this Cave "norn" from Creatures Playground as a unlockable creature..
    Only That It wasn't a speaked as a grendel,was classed as a grendel,yet you couldn't
    Breed,nor could you Select it..So Now Finaly you Can hatch and raise your'e own Faimly with True Cave Norns,
    Being Able to cross breed with the other CA/CP Norns you have ^^
    This was The First ever addon i made for Creatures Adventure  (And Playground too)
    I Loved this little Cave-ish norns so much,that i just had to have them as "proper norns" and be able to
    take care and even raise a family with them ^o^
    Now you can also have them in Creatures Adventure Standalone,without having Playground Installed ^^ 
    This one is also counted to be the first Breed addon for CA/CP Too ;P
    This Version is updated with the extra lifestages *the ones i used in the DS version*
    So No more Cave Norns being adult for Life XD
    Now they can finaly grow from baby trough child,adolscent,adult and old!
     Read More in The ReadMe Document and Download Them Here:

    Note: Since I Can't Upload them here,duo to Cramped space,
    This is the only way for me to make it Downloadable...
    The "CA Floating Ear & Hair "  Fix for Grendels in Ds!
    This is the pack to solve the floating ear and hair on grendels (or any creature taking grendel slots)
    When installing the Ca  (or cavenorns) for ds ^^

    In this pack,right now i have only the fix for following grendel slot breeds:
    Akatora,Maraquan,Vampire,C1tods,Tiger grendels,Banshee,C3 grendel
    *The pyrite one did i have a fix for,but i have to re-new it,when i get the breed again ^^'*
    I Let you know when I update this pack with more grendel breeds ;p
     CA Genetic Update- A addon for the CA/CP Norns For Ds
    This is my Little addon of genoms i've done,wich is for the CA/Cave norn for ds..
    In  This pack,I tried my hardest to come as close as i could come the true
    "Creatures adventure/Playground's Breed Characteristics" For the Ca/cave norns to ds ^^
    (spend a whole day to do it X_x)
    (some are based on vampe's CFE,some is non CFE)
    But in the end im happy for the ending result..
    The Main thing of this norns is,They got the Characteristics from the CReatures/Playground Game..
    For you who played the games,might remember that on creatures labs official site for CA/CP there was a
    Breed list with image and discreption of each breeds characteristics.
    Malay are very sleepy,primroses very easily scared and love fruits etc
    Read the rtf. document file for more info about them!

    There's Two Versions;
    Genompack (CA-DS GenomAddon) = Inject via Genetic Kit *Wich is Free*
    Egg Agent= (CA-DS GenomAddons EggAgents)  Genom files in Egg agent (Egg Agent made by arnout,thanx a lot) ^^
    (Now updated,since some stuff where missing in egg agent version)

    CA Genetic Update - Now with Hairless Norns!
    Tired of CA Norns having hair? Or you ever been curious how they may look like without it?Perhaps 
    simply you prefer them wihout and find them cuter? you can have some!
    This is the same CA genetic update made by me,only this version have "bald" Norns!
    Just as the pack with the mutate&breed-able hairs, this pack contain one with the genetics - 
    for purpose to load and inject own baby Norn of choice of the CA breeds there is,
    But if you rather want some existing Norns,I do have the adult pack for this as well!
    This is because I do not have egg agents of this ones ^^'
    The pack's are known as "DSCAGenAddon-NEW-NoHair" and "DS-CAgenomaddon-NoHair StarterNorns"

    Be sure  you have Cave Norn and/or CA to DS Breeds installed first!

    As allways: Please Read the Readme for both pack!

    CA Genetic Update - Now with hait you can breed & get hair variations!
    This Genetical update for the CA2DS Norns are exact the same like the one above,
    only that this have a added hair apperance gene to make them able to breed and mutate hairdo!
    This pack,however, do lack egg agent version - but I made a seperate pack for adult starter pairs!
    This picture shown here is of some of the offsprings of this adult ones. 
    The pack includes genoms,if wanted to load and inject as eggs via C3 Genetic Kit,
    but,you can simply just download the adult packs of this Norns.
    Just make sure you have Cave Norn and/or CA to DS Breeds installed first!

     The "
    DS-CAgenomaddon-Hairver StarterNorns" and 
    "DSCAGenAddon-NEW-with hair apperance"  is the one to chek,don't forget read the Read-Me's !! ;3

    Creatures Village With a Genetic Update: Breedable Hair Trait - Get Hair Variations!
    Creatures Village was a game I thought would offer at least Hairs to be
    a part of the genetical trait of mixing - gaining various hair,and maybe Ears too -
    however,so was not the case. Not until now,when I made some experiment and finaly,
    I got the hair mixing to work (Sorry,no ear mixing,but that maybe would be too bizzare,no? )
    Anyhow - now you can have regular looking parents,getting a chance to have kids with
    different hairstyles - they can have moms or dads (if theyre 2 different breeds),or the ordinary hair of the breed!
    Simply just unpack and overwritte the gen files into your'e Creatures Village folder and make a new world!
    The starter norns will look same as any norn,but once you get them to breed,chances is you get a 
    offspring like the picture ^^ Note: This norns is NOT made via the Lab,this is purely bred with the new genom!
     The update pack is called  "CAV-HairMutate-Genetics",so have a look for it!

    NOTE: If you in a way, are tired of this udpate and want to go back to the old original genoms,

     I included a pack known as "CA Original Genetics" :3

    I also updated the pack now with a Read Me text, be sure to read it!!

    Just a image added to show the possible mix of the parents now with the 
    Hair update both for Creatures Village & Docking Station !

    The Bats are Finaly Here! The Albian Bat Norns For C2!
    This breed have I been waiting on do for ages,Because of the Bat lover i am,and at a time,they where started,but then
    suddenly stopped because of lack of knowing how to make the wings working right,
    So some years passed,and Now theyre here! Complete with re-drawn new wings and
    the male got a color lift,from dark blue to brown XD
    And This breed also have a genom that should work 100% *if not,then 99% at least XD )
    Wich was made by me and razgriz ^^
    Also,trhis time i added a Breed Story too,wich hopefully is way better then my very first one,
    the breed story of the gremlin norns  i made ^^' *
    Edit: I also fixed a bit on the story - as wordpad messed up X_X*
    The Readme Covers everything you wanna know if you interessted in them ^^
    so go and download them now if you like! 
    Colored Albian Bat Norn Pack!

    This colorfull addition will fill you up with sweet colorfull Bat norns in all kind of colors ^^
    There is also one single bat boy inside thats a bonus trhowed inside this pack ^^
    Wich will be your'e fav ? ;P

    The C2 Grendel To DS/C3 Fix Made by me is Here!!! 
    This Fix solve the Crashing that occure in random and unexpected times when
    having the C2 grendel out,Finaly It been solved (Thanks goes to Razgriz for helping me too)
    Now you can finaly enjoy this green cuties,without the pressing feeling of a error followed by a crash
    will come, so as allways,Read the Readme file,it allways tell's you what you need ^^
    The download is (like all others) below (called "c2-gren arm adult-old fix_bynorngirl" ) ;P

    The Portable Incubator for C1 is Here!

    The Portable Incubator for C1 is the first C1 cob and was a co work
    between me and Doringo. It is a old cob concept I had way back in
    2012 and only made sprites for it,but now it is finaly here,
    thanks to Doringo helping with his coding!
    As it says - it is a portable incubator that you can now enjoy and
    hatch youre creatures anywhere!
    The package include a helpful and important readme,
    dont forget to read it! 

    NOTE: This downlad is found on my page and Doringo's site:

    As The Title say,this is a little co-work I had with Ghosthande (for DS & C3)  :3
    It originaly started with my pic:
     Some of you may recognize it from my DA gallery:

    I badly wanted to make this into a actual creature agent,
    But being a spriter only and lack of knowledge  coding,
    It looked hopeless...That was until i showed Ghosthande,and She
    Kindly offered to help me making this come true,
    And now finaly it's here ^.^

    As seen on the pic,
    The Pack contains of 2 different kinds of tree-seed bags,
    Two different Grass packs, A caterpillar vendor that vends 2 kinds
    and a Vendor that vends rainbow shifting Lamps :3
    Theyre all seperate,Just packed togheter.
    That way you can easily choose some or all of the agents to have in your'e world.
    The pack contains also 2 different textfiles,Both are good to read ;P
    Download is below (as allways) Now Bug Fixed (Thank you Ghosthande ) !

    NOTE: This downlad is found on my page and Ghosthande's site:

    Here is some ingame screenshoots of the agents in my world :3

    Here is a Preveiw of The Fantazy Tree and the Fantazy Grass with one single Prettyfly.. 

    A Preveiw of The Ordin Tree and it's Grass and some glimpses of some Ordinfly's..
    Rainbow Lamps preveiw
    The Floating Lightup Umbrella Toy- Umbreltoy- made by me (norngirl) and Papriko!
    This is my first agent co work with papriko on a agent ever X3
    I made the sprites and sound. The coding (originaly made by Creatures Labs (CL)
    have some changes by Papriko :3

    It's just a little cute small toy in a shape of a little umbrella,
    wich changes color,floats and play a cute sound.
    Why don't you give it a try? ^^
    Your'e creatures surely will love it :3
    The Addictive Suicide Juice Vendor -
    Made By Papriko and spritewise by me,norngirl!
    This Agent idea was Papriko's (except the skull vendor design is completely mine )
    This Agent should be used with extra care,as it's titled,Its a dangerous drink,
    wich creatures get's addicted to and probely end theyre life, However, I really is not the killing type, So therefor, May it be fatal to normal creatures,
    It's good to know this Juice is not 100% evil to some others. Toxic norns (and probely other creatures that is like the Toxic norn breed)
    Can enjoy it without getting harmed ! I Love Toxic norns and therefor I use this vendor for just them XD
    Use this one at your'e own risk!
    (I,personaly Use it for my little darling toxics ;P )

    Works for DS :3
    CA Balloon Maker For DS/C3! Now V2 released!
     (Yes,I did misspell balloon there on the image ^^' )
    This is just one of the many CA agents to DS/C3 I requested Papriko to help me convert ^^
    And Finaly we all (along with our creatures) can enjoy the Balloon maker : D
    There some more CA agents to DS/C3 on my list that hopefully may be done,with Papriko's help
    (hopefully)  So this may not be the last one we see ;P
    For now,Creatures (and theyre owners alike) will probely have much fun with the colorfull balloons,
    as much as I have XD
    (once again,a big thanks to Papriko for having his patient and being kind enough to making this)
    So,now can all of your'e creatures enjoy playing with it,dosn't matter if theyre big or small ^.^
    Now released V2 of it,This version is safe to replace the old one (if you happen to have it) and just inject it 
    No more manual code entering : D
    Thanks again Papriko,for fixing this

    Enjoy ^^
       Pig Grendels Now For C3/DS!!
    This is a project  that started between me and razgriz,and silvak joined the party to help us
    to finish the last bits and stuff, and so

    the pig grendels finaly have arrived on C3/Ds space ships!
    Now you can finaly play with my C2 breed of pink-black cuddly and lazy grendels in C3/Ds.
    There's two differ downloads: One manual (PigGrendels_C3-DS)  and one egg installer (Pig Grendel Egg agentV)
    pick  wichever you find easiest is for you. :3 
    This little cuties takes Grendel Slot J !
    Thanks goes to silvak and razgriz for helping out a lot,thank you guy's! ^-^
    Also,now I also have a Grendel Slot Z version,from Grendelman (thanks) ^^
    So if you want to keep the mask grendels,use that version :3

    Enjoy ^.^

    JigglyBox - The DS-C3 Jigglypuff Music Box Toy is Here!

    This is another result of a co work ^.^
    This time,Between me,norngirl and ylukyun!

    Ylukyun was very kind enough to help me coding it,
    as I was to belive it wouldn't be ever made,seeing
    not much replies on the topic I made,asking if anyone is
    willing to bring this to life.
    Many thanks once again,ylukyun ^^
    Also thanks goes to my testers
    Razgriz,Spykkie and Ezzy!

    It's a sweet little toy witch lull your'e creatures to sleep
    when played with (or activated by you)

    More info is in the Readme,so be sure you read it!! 
    Works for both DS and C3 ;P
    The story behind the Jigglybox
    This jigglypuff musicbox concept started way back
    when I drawed a (not so very pretty) jigglypuff
    sprite for C1. I burrowed the ron musicbox and
    used the jigglypuff music back then - It was for private use to
    see if I could learn C1 CAOS,nothing else.
    I was still a kiddo back then,but that was also my only way
    of trying to learn something.

    I had this idea of making a jigglypuff box,
    a jigglypuff shaped box wich when it "sings",
    put creatures to asleep,
    as I thought that would be neat,yet cute.

    Later on,I lost it (thankfully),it wasn't meant to be released
    as I said,it was for my own private use.
    Nor did I feel proud to burrow codes
    (or the jigglypuff song sound) anyway >_>

    So I tried to remake a new jigglypuff musicbox sprite,
    wich include more animations then the original had.
    Also I made my own jiggly melody this time,so this time,
    it's purely my stuff XD

    Still,Im unable coding to this present day,
    I been trying so many time to
    learn the ways of C1,C2 and a bit of C3/Ds CAOS Coding,
    Have reading many various tutorials and yet I fail ..
    Perhaps someday I may be able to tackle it..
    For now,I stick to co working, making sound and sprites and
    and then cooperate with those people that kindly offer theyre time
    and breath life with theyre great
    knowledge of CAOS coding! ^^

    Well,thats the horrible truth about how the Jigglypuff box
    came as an idea and how it become reborn.
    ( this isn't included the read me XD )
    (I made it exclusive only here)

    The end

    Pregy Candy - The C3-DS Candy for your'e Stuck pregnant Creatures! 

    This Candy is made especialy for the poor 
    lady creatures that got theyre eggs stuck in theyre
    belly and is unable to lay theyre egg.
    This candy can be eaten by anyone else too,
    as it is like any food object (protein,fat,starch),except it may make
    creature look fat - even baby and kid creatures !
    This agent was made by me and razgriz ^.^
    Read the readme for more info!


    C1 PMN-Forest - Ron C2 patch fix "No Extra Tails!"  (C2 only )
     This is a patch for C2 that make the extra hebbe like tails vanish for the C1 Pmn,Forest and Rons.
    All the other C1 in C2 didn't have the extra tail issue - Only the Pmn,Rons and forest.
    Well thats fixed now with my Fix!  

    PMN Male Norn "Blue Eyes & Pink Innears" Front Veiw Fix - C2 Only ! 

    So,you too got tired of your'e pretty PMN males suddenly face you,
    only to greet you with suddenly green eyes pink innears O.o
    When actuly theyre meant to have blue eyes and pink innears >_>
    Weeeeeeeeell,Then this Fix is for you! : D
    Being one of my favs, I finaly decide to get rid of that problem once and for all,
    and this fix is,as you can see,for all ages too!
    Now all your'e sweet C2 PMN males will be corrected !
    Install: Simply extract the files into your'e C2 image folder.

    PMN Male Norn "Blue Eyes & Pink Innears" Front Veiw Fix - C1 Only!
    This is the C1 version of  the PMN Male Fix Patch.
    This, as the C2 version - will make all ages of the PMN male have his beutifull blue eyes
    and the pink innears when facing you!

    To Install: Simply just put the files into your'e C1 images folder.

    Norngirl J,
    26 nov. 2009 08:48
    Norngirl J,
    3 aug. 2018 11:43
    Norngirl J,
    31 juli 2011 11:08
    Norngirl J,
    3 nov. 2008 09:04
    CA Original Genetics.rar
    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
    24 jan. 2013 10:15
    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
    7 aug. 2010 06:07
    Norngirl J,
    3 nov. 2008 08:55
    DS-CAgenomaddon-Hairver StarterNorns.rar
    Norngirl J,
    12 jan. 2013 11:15
    DS-CAgenomaddon-NoHair StarterNorns.rar
    Norngirl J,
    12 jan. 2013 11:29
    Norngirl J,
    12 jan. 2013 11:29
    DSCAGenAddon-NEW-with hair apperance.rar
    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
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    Norngirl J,
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