The new version of EasyBridge is available on the "Files to be shared" page.  It is a zip file containing the EasyBridge.exe file, a .dll file and some documentation for the program. Download the zipfile and extract its contents to a folder. The shortcut included in the zipfile is set to execute the program if it is extracted to a default folder on the C: drive. Otherwise, you'll have to change it to point to where the .exe file is located.  The new program accepts an argument (/U:yourname) to identify the user and allow him/her to have his/her own settings. This is for the case where there are multiple players on one computer using the same program.

You can download the zip file containing the executable code  here.

For those that would like to help me improve EasyBridge:

First  you must Enable Analysis Tracing - In the Special Menu in the top of the EasyBridge window.
Then when you find a situation where you think EasyBridge has made a bad bid/play:
  1. Stop the bidding/play, do NOT close EasyBridge.
  2. Open the Special menu and click on "Show player Analysis" - a new area will be displayed at the bottom of EasyBridge's window. It should show 4 columns, one per player. If all four are not shown, Click on the "All" button on the lower left.
    There should be comments in each column describing what EasyBridge was considering when it made it the play/bid.
  3. Click on the View Menu item at the top of the window and then click on the "File Comments" item. 
       You should get a small window where you can type in comments describing what happened.
  4. Type in comments describing what EasyBridge did wrong. For example: East bid 4NT with 6 HCPs.
  5. Go to the area with the four columns at the bottom of the window and Right-Click in the column 
       for the player that made the bad play.
  6. Select "Copy to Clipboard" - This will copy the contents of that column to the system Clipboard.
  7. Go to the "File Comments" window that you opened in step 3). Right-Click in that window on the line 
       following  where you entered your commments, and select "Paste". The contents of the Player 
       Analysis column should now be pasted into the File Comments box.
  8. Go to the File menu item in the top left and select the "Save As" item.
  9. In the "Save As..." Dialog box that pops up, enter a descriptive name for problem in the "File Name:" 
       input area and press the "Save" button. For example: "EastBid4NTwith6HCPs.brd  
       Remember where the file is saved for the next step.
Send me an email with that file as an attachment.

For programmers

The source for the files I've modified is in a zip file on the "Files to be shared" page. You can download the zip file here.

There is a zip file containing the saved boards I've made program changes to correct on the "Files to be shared" page.

Steven Han's original source can be downloaded from http://www.stevenhan.com/Old/EasyBridge.htm

I've also included a copy of his zipped source on the 'Files to be shared" below.

See Subpages at bottom for link to files to be shared.

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