More about the therapeutic relationship

Although qualifications are important, they are not the whole story. Of equal importance is the relationship that develops between the therapist and client. It is through our relationships that we develop trust and security, something which may have been lacking from our earliest relationships.

In therapy, I will not only look at the problems which you bring, but also at the underlying problems, the circumstances that may have influenced you in your life, perhaps leading you to think and behave in a particular way. I believe it is important to be given time and space to express your feelings, and understand in detail the significance of what is going on.

I will listen carefully to what is said, but perhaps more importantly to what is left unsaid. These unspoken thoughts are sometimes unconscious, they have not yet been formed into a conscious, coherent thought. Much of our communication will focus on how you might be feeling emotionally, and to help you look at your life in a different way.

The relationships in your life are often a priority in therapy, whether between couples, families, parents, friends or colleagues. It is an area in which I have an extensive professional interest and knowledge.