Previous Experience

Central to my career have been the effects on people who, for various reasons have experienced troubled relationships, either within their families, or with colleagues and partners. I also have extensive experience of working with individuals and couples who are experiencing other forms of loss.

My work has extended to Counselling and Therapy over a vast range of Organisations, including Schools, Colleges, and  Relationship Centres. I have run Groups for trainee therapists at a Training College and Counselled both teenagers and adults.

In addition to this work, I see both Couples and Adults at my private rooms, where I cover a range of problems, that require skill, experience and empathy.

I care about my clients. I am patient and kind. When you see me, You will feel nurtured, understood, and respected. Whatever your situation, I am here to help.

Although most people choose an open ended form of therapy, when we can look together in depth at problems, others opt for short term, Time Limited therapy, to focus on a specific problem. This is a good option for those who wish to benefit from an intensive exploration of a particular aspect of their life.