Groom's Vows

These rings we wear are just circles of metal. Yet, with affection and devotion, they become wedding rings, symbols of our union and reminders that we are no longer separate or alone.


Rejoice, my love. Dance! Eat and drink in celebration of our union.

As you find me here, today, you will find me every day.

Worry not what tomorrow brings because, together, our circles of love (emphasizing wedding rings) will always be.

I promise you my love:

L is for Leadership – with both passion and judgment-free objectivity, I guide you, provide and protect you, inspire you, and, like the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, be the head of our marriage.

O is for Oasis – in the desert of life’s constant demands, push-and-pulls, I shelter you and provide a sanctuary for your refreshment and wellness.

V is for Vigor – for life, for you, and for happiness found in no worldly possession, but found only in your sweet smile and laughter.

E is for Every Day – no matter our struggle or joy, no matter its duration, our marriage will receive my personal best every day; our marriage will receive my affection, devotion, fidelity, and honor every day; you, my wife, will receive all of me every day.

I, Norman, commit my life to you, Ashley, in marriage with all the love that resides within me. I promise to love you for who you are, wholly and fully, in good fortune and adversity alike, in this life and beyond. Take this ring as a symbol of my love, fidelity, and honor. I vow before this company to share my life with you from today onward.