Wedding of Ashley and Norman

31st day of May, 2008 








Wedding Stats 


How We Met

Ashley was a full-time college student and working part-time.

Norman was working full-time.

In September of 2003, she began a new job cleaning the Omaha buildings of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), now known as the Bureau of Citizenship and Naturalization Services (BCNS). He was a Security Officer for a private company who provided physical armed security at federal buildings and his primary post was at INS.

We shared looks back and forth - she wanted someone cute to look at while she worked, and he found someone attractive to look at, too. Over time, we warmed up to another, revealing more and more of our attraction to one another.

Things really began to snowball after he inadvertently hit her with a door. Yeah, he hit her with a door!

She was cleaning the employee's breakroom when he stepped in real quick to double-check the coffee pot had been turned off. She was standing directly behind the door wiping a table when he accidently struck. We really hit it off after that.

On October 16, 2003, we "officially" began dating. The following Saturday, we introduced each other to our parents; it had only been a few days after our initial date.

For some reason, maybe it was fate or maybe we were matched perfectly, our relationship quickly took on significance. Although we did not directly speak of growing old together, we would tease each other about what antics we would pull on each in our old age and the kind of life we would share with grandchildren. So you see, she had somehow suckered him in to speaking of it before he was any wiser.

Like any other relationship or any other venture in life, he and her had their bumps in the road, but they never lost focus of the value of their relationship and the important things within one another that has always bonded them.

As the sum of their personal experiences and shared life, the joining of Ashley and Norman in holy matrimony was a joyous day and much celebrated. Here, we hope to share with you the special day of our wedding.

To everyone, thank you very much for your support and friendship.


Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Kellison