Body & Soul Exhibition: 4th-25th March

Exciting exhibition featuring figurative works from Prue Pye, Davina Brett & Tony Nero
Prue Pye
Prue’s paintings seek to capture multi faceted layers and non-topical colour in a search for an essential humanness. Faces are not recorded, but hinted at; a sense of universality and truth. In trying to understand how we are perceived, the paintings use and embody strength and frailty, energy and movement and a self-imposed position of uncertainty is part of this.
"The physicality of placing colour on a surface, in ways that express or communicate has developed from a need to find a language that connects beyond the immediate"
Davina Brett
Davina’s work explores the everyday object and how it relates to the human persona. The objects she use open up the imagination and tell a story of self and identity. They are often objects used by both genders but by using size and a splash of colour transform her bronzes. Davina wants her sculptures to be viewed with an element of fun and wonder. She says: "Art can be found in all our lives by the objects we surround ourselves with. It is only when we decide to view these possessions in a different light, their true selves become apparent"

Tony Nero
In this body of work, Tony continues to pursue his fascination with 'Absence of Presence'. The simple concept where we are able so see something that's no longer there, or visualise what used to be. He tries to capture this concept in his work by using marks and colours, also leaving out certain features in order to add depth and encourage creativity in the viewer. Tony says: "The abstract nature of this work encourages a sense of excitement of not knowing what will happen with each stroke, and the secret of the final image is to decide what not to include"