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September 2018: Tony Nero "Heritage Places & Spaces"

A celebration of Heritage sites of Peterborough - A new collection of drawings by Tony Nero
As artist in residence at the Norman Cross Gallery, this exhibition features a new collection of works, of some of the Heritage sites and buildings in Peterborough. With a focus on the Norman Cross site - the first prisoner of war camp during the Napoleonic War - to the Gates Memorial in Bishop's Road Gardens.

It’s always refreshing as an artist, going back to your roots of drawing as a medium, but as well as being exciting to produce these pieces, it’s also been a challenge trying hard not to use paint or colour. The body of work was produced in pencils, charcoal and pastels but some of the pieces I felt lend themselves to a dash of colour. This was achieved by using pastel and slightly coloured paper. Amazing what you learn also when observing these buildings and sites.

Exhibition: 1st - 30th September 2018

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