If you decide to come to me for counselling I will offer you a safe, accepting and confidential relationship where we might explore together any painful or troubling aspects of your life which you may have difficulty in exploring or talking about with other people, particularly those who are close to you. 

I practice as a Person-Centred counsellor and I would be deeply respectful of all you may wish to talk to me about. I have deepened my understanding of the Person-Centred Approach in my work as a trainer, but mostly being with clients who are grieving a loss or losses. 

Many people associate loss solely with bereavement, and although this is true, losses also visit in many other forms.  Here are a few - loss of home, country, and community;  loss of employment, possessions; loss of a relationship through divorce; loss of family, friendships, pets; loss of childhood through, trauma, abuse (physical, mental or sexual); loss of health (mental or physical);  loss through miscarriage, still-birth, termination; loss of limbs, hearing, sight. ………. and many other losses. 

These losses can also be experienced internally as ... Loss of self-worth/value; security, hope, faith, liberty, sanity, reason and meaning; loss of certainty, confidence, humour, position, status, and loss of self. This internal experience will often manifest in anxiety or depression

I have noticed that loss and the grief that follows or sometimes precedes a loss, takes people into an unknown land. They are left alone in this land without a ‘map or compass’. Their loneliness and confusion is often compounded by the inability or unwillingness of others to notice or to tolerate the thoughts, feelings and behaviour that are part and parcel of their grief. 

If any of these experiences are yours, and if you give me permission, I am willing to join you in your unknown land and walk with you for as long as you see fit, trying to understand your experiences through your eyes, believing that in doing so you might find meaning about the changes that have occurred as a result of your loss. Through the relationship that we shall build together, you will if you wish, find your own map to guide you through other life experiences.