Colonies in the Wilderness, 1814-1840

A Question of Loyalties - Companion Readings

Rebellion and Reform - Companion Readings

French and Indian Wars - Supplementary Readings

Chapter 1 Introductory Readings

Chapter 1.1 Readings

Activity Package 1.1 

Chapter 1.2 Readings

Activity Package 1.2

Chapter 1.3 Readings

Activity Package 1.3

Chapter 1.3a Readings

Activity Package 1.3a

Chapter 1.4 Readings

Activity Package 1.4

Chapter 1.5 Readings

Activity Package 1.5

Chapter 1.6 Readings

Activity Package 1.6

Lesson 2.3b Aftermath of the Rebellions

Rebellions of 1837

Chapter 1 Take Home Exam

Chapter 1 Essay Questions

Building a Nation, 1840-1867

 The Great Enterprise: Companion Readings

Chapter 2.1 Readings

Activity Package 2.1

Chapter 2.2 Readings

Activity Package 2.2

Chapter 2.3 Readings

Activity Package 2.3

Chapter 2.3a Readings

Activity Package 2.3a

Chapter 2.4 Readings

Activity Package 2.4

Chapter 2 Test Essay Questions

Canadian and American Government

The Geography of Western Canada

Physiographic Regions of Canada

Canada: It's Land, Resources and Economy (Video)

Canada: It's Land, Resources and Economy (Activity Package)

Continents Adrift: An Introduction to Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Biomes: Our Earth's Major Life Zones

Chapter 3.1 Readings

Activity Package 3.1

Chapter 3.2 Readings

Activity Package 3.2 

Chapter 3.3 Readings

Activity Package 3.3

Chapter 3.4 Readings

Activity Package 3.4

Bison Essay Marking Rubric

Sample Study Notes

Chapter 3 Essay Questions

The Northwest to 1870

Pathfinders: Companion Readings

The Pathfinders: Opening Western Canada to Europe

Chapter 4.1 Readings

Activity Package 4.1

Chapter 4.2 Readings

Activity Package 4.2

Native Peoples of Western Canada

Chapter 4.3 Readings

Activity Package 4.3

Chapter 4.4 Readings

Activity Package 4.4

Chapter 4.5 Readings

Activity Package 4.5

Chapter 4.6 Readings

Activity Package 4.6

Aboriginal Peoples of the Northwest - Backgrounder

The Hudson's Bay Company

The North West Company

Biography of George Simpson

Sea to Sea: Companion Readings

The Pathfinders: Companion Readings

The Irish in Canada and the Loyal Order of Orange

Key Verb Definitions for Essay Questions

Chapter 4 Test Essay Questions

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

The Prairies, 1870-1896

Chapter 5.1 Readings

Activity Package 5.1

Chapter 5.2 Readings

Activity Package 5.2

Chapter 5.3 Readings

Activity Package 5.3

Chapter 5.4 Readings

Activity Package 5.4

Chapter 5.5 Readings

Activity Package 5.5

The Metis in Alberta - A Background Resource

Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture

Louis Riel: Biography

Origins of the RCMP

Taking the West Companion Readings

North West Mounted Police: A Tradition in Scarlet

The North West Rebellion Wikibook

The North-West Rebellion Powerpoint

Chapter 5 Test Essay Questions 

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

Chapter 5 Essay Marking Criteria

The NWMP on Pinterest


British Columbia to 1896

Chapter 6.1 Readings

Activity Package 6.1

Chapter 6.2 Readings

Activity Package 6.2

Chapter 6.3 Readings

Activity Package 6.3

Chapter 6.3 Supplementray Readings

Chapter 6.4 Readings

Activity Package 6.4

Chapter 6.5 Readings

Activity Package 6.5

Chapter 6.6 Readings

Activity Package 6.6

Chapter 6.7 Readings

Activity Package 6.7

History of Prejudice and Discrimination in Canada

The National Dream Backgrounder

BC History Supplementary Readings

BC Websites

Ghost Towns Barkerville Part 1(Video)

Ghost Towns Barkerville Part 2 (Video)

Ghost Towns Barkerville Part 3 (Video)

History of British Columbia Book

History of Vancouver

Chapter 6 Take Home Test

Chapter 6 Test Essay Questions

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

The Emergence of Modern Canada, 1896-1914

The Klondike Goldrush

The Great Transformation Companion Readings

Chapter 7.1 Supplementary Readings

Chapter 7 Introductory Readings

Chapter 7 Introductory Activity

Chapter 7.1 Readings

Chapter 7.1 Activity Package

Chapter 7.2 Readings

Chapter 7.2 Activity Package

Chapter 7.3 Readings

Chapter 7.3 Activity Package

Chapter 7.4 Readings

Chapter 7.4 Activity Package

Chapter 7.4 The History of Railways in Canada

Chapter 7.4 Working Class History Supplementary Readings

Chapter 7.5 Readings

Chapter 7.5 Activity Package

Chapter 7.5 Women's Suffrage Supplementary Readings

Chapter 7.5 Prejudice and Discrimination in Canada Supplementary Readings

Chapter 7.6 Readings

Chapter 7.6 Activity Package

Chapter 7 Test Essay Questions

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

The Economy of Canada

Chapter 8.1 Activity Package

Chapter 8.1 Readings

Chapter 8.2 Activity Package

Chapter 8.2 Readings

Macroeconomic Concepts Viewing Guide

Chapter 8.3 Activity Package

Chapter 8.3 Readings

Chapter 8.4a Activity Package 

Chapter 8.4 Activity Package

Chapter 8.4 Readings

Chapter 8.5 Activity Package

Chapter 8.5 Readings

The Economy of British Columbia

Chapter 9.1 Activity Package

Chapter 9.4 Readings

Canada and the Global Community


Social Studies 10 Integrated Resource Package

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Canadian Confederation

McCord Museum of Canadian History

Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Victorian Web

Exploration, the Fur Trade and the Hudson's Bay Company

Rendezvous: Voyageur

HBC - Interactive Map

The Cariboo Gold Rush

The Peopling of Canada 1891-1921

Railway History

Final Exam Review Package

Historica Minutes

Baldwin and Lafontaine

Etienne Parent

Responsible Government

Louis Riel



Victorian Era

The Industrial Revolution

Mercantilism to Adam Smith


The Road to Confederation

Rebellions of 1837-1838

Canada: 1841-1850

Northwest Rebellion Timeline

War of 1812

The Underground Railroad

The Changing Face of Canada

The Emergence of Modern Canada

How to Make a Climograph


War of 1812 Jeopardy

Who Wants to be a Cotton Millionaire?

Stephenson's Rocket

The Paddle Steamer

The Cariboo Gold Rush Adventure


Tea, Taxes and the American Revolution

Industrialization In Victorian England

The Worst Jobs in History - Victorian Age Part 1

The Worst Jobs in History - Victorian Age Part 2

The Worst Jobs in History - The Victorian Age - Part  3 

The Worst Jobs in History - Victorian Age Part 4

The Worst Jobs in History  The Victorian Age Part 5

The Worst Jobs in History The Victorian Age Part 6

Three Kings at War - Europe after the Death of Victoria

Forging the National Dream

CPR, From Sea to Sea

The Railrodder

The Metis

Yale: The Town That Boomed Twice


The First Chinese Citizens in Canada Part 1

The First Chinese Citizens in Canada Part 2

City of Gold

The Days of Whisky Gap

The Klondike Gold Rush

Early Vancouver

The Underground Railroad Part 1

The Underground Railroad Part 2

The War of 1812 -PBS


The Steamboatin' Jamiesons

Ned McGowan's War

Richard Moody

Solidarity Forever

Confederation Rap

Chinese Immigrant Spong


The Adventurer: 1660-1720

The Long Struggle with Montreal: 1713-1821

Give Us Good Measure:1821-1870

Becoming a Business: 1870 to the Present