The Roman Heritage (509 B.C. - 476 A.D.)

Chapter 1.1 Activity Package

Chapter 1.1 Readings

Chapter 1.2 Activity Package

Chapter 1.2 Readings

Chapter 1 Worksheet 1

Chapter 1.3 Activity Package

Chapter 1.3 Readings

Chapter 1.4 Activity Package

Chapter 1.4 Readings

Invasions of the Roman Empire Map

Worksheet 2: The Collapse of the Empire

Chapter 1 Practice Test

The Heritage of India and China (600 B.C. - 550 A.D.)

Hinduism Viewing Guide

Buddhism Viewing Guide

China: Past to Present Viewing Guide

Chapter 2.1 Lecture Notes

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Chapter 2.1 Name Puzzle

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China: From Past to Present Part 1 Study Guide

China: From Past to Present Part 2 Study Guide

China: From Past to Present Part 3 Study Guide

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The Foundations of Medieval Civilization  (500 - 1050)

Chapter 3.1 The German Kingdoms - Lecture Notes

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Chapter 3.1 Map Reading

Chapter 3.1 Scrambled Names

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Chapter 3.2 Age of Chivalry

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Chapter 3.3 Relating Cause and Effect

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Chapter 3.4 Outlining

Chapter 3.4 Matching

Charlemagne: Biographical Sketch

The Age of Charlemagne - Video Guide

Living in Medieval Europe Viewing Guide

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The Height of Medieval Civilization (1050 - 1350)

Chapter 4.1 Activity Package

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Chaper 4.2 Cultural Jeopardy

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Building National Monarchies  (1000 - 1500)

Chapter 5.1 Activity Package

Biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Chapter 5.1 Lecture Notes

Worksheet 10: The Growth of Royal Power

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Worksheet 11: The Christian Reconquest of Spain

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Worksheet 12: Rivalry Between Church and State

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Byzantine and Islamic Civilizations  (330 - 1453)

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Chapter 6.2 Ivan the Terrible Biography

Islam - Viewing Guide

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Chapter 6.4 Match the Word

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India, China and Japan (550 - 1650)

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Chapter 7.1 Outlining

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Chapter 7.1 Word Puzzle

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Worksheet 15: The T'ang and Sung Dynasties: Map Reading

Taj Mahal: Heaven on Earth Viewing Guide 

Map of the Mogul Empire

Chapter 7.3 Activity Package

Worksheet 16: The Mongol and Ming Empires: Supporting Generalizations

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Chapter 7.5 Activity Package

Worksheet 17: Rule of the  Tokugawa Shoguns: Analyzing a Primary Source 

Chapter 7 Test Preparation

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The Renaissance and Reformation (1350-1600)

Chapter 8.1 Lecture Notes

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Chapter 8 Worksheet 20 The Council of Trent

Chapter 8 Practice Test

Chapter 8.5 Readings

Chapter 8 Readings

Protestant Reformation Viewing Guide

Exploring the Renaissance Viewing Guide

The High Renaissance Quiz




Roman Empire

Rome's Ancient People

Murder in Rome

The Gladiator Graveyard

The Huns

The Goths

The Vandals

Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story

Pliny the Elder

The First Christians

Gladiator Games: The Roman Bloodsport

Hidden History of Rome

Togas on TV

Battle of Adrianople

Arch of Constantine

The Heritage of Indian and China

The Great Wall of China



China: From Past to Present Part 1

China: From Past to Present Part 2

China: From Past to Present Part 3

History of India

Confucius: Ancient Teacher and Great Sage

The First Emperor: Part 1

Foundations of Medieval Civilization

Living in Medieval Europe

The Age of Charlemagne

Medieval Lives - The Peasant

Medieval Lives - The Monk

Medieval Lives - The Damsel

Medieval Lives - The Minstrel

Medieval Lives - The Knight

Medieval Lives - The Philosopher

Medieval Lives - The Outlaw

Medieval Lives - The King

 The Vikings

The Height of Medieval Civilization

Sacred Architecture Podcast

The Physics of Stone Arches Interactive

Medieval Stained Glass Interactive

Building National Monarchies

The Black Death

Bring Out Your Dead - Monty Python

Byzantine and Islamic Civilization

1453 AD The Siege of Constantinople


The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire Combines Cultures

The Byzantine Empire Influences Russia

Decline of the Byzantine Empire

India, China and Japan

Taj Mahal: Heaven on Earth

Taj Mahal: Virtual Tour

The Japanese Knights

Japan's Samurai Warriors

Shogun Leads Feudal Japan

End of the Samurai

The Renaissance and Reformation

Protestant Reformation

Italian Renaissance Art

Renaissance Art

Exploring the Renaissance

The High Renaissance

Power Point

The Roman Heritage

Ancient Rome: A Summary

Rise of Christianity

Rise of Chrisianity II

The Heritage of Indian and China


Confucianism, Legalism, Taoism

Geography of China

Qin to Ming

The Vedic Age

The Maurya-Gupta Empires

The Foundations of Medieval Civilization

The German Kingdoms

The Early Middle Ages

Byzantine and Islamic Civilizations



India, China and Japan


Feudal Japan

The Height of Medieval Civilization

Medieval Art and Architecture

The Renaissance and Reformation

Italian Renaissance Art

Northern Renaissance Art



Viking Quest


Charlemagne's Empire

The Spread of Christianity

The Crusades

Expansion of Islam

The Hanseatic League

Medieval Trade Networks