Noriaki Kanayama 



Project Assistant Professor 

Hiroshima University 

Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences 


Phone  (Office): +81 (82257-1722 


Address: Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences, 

Hiroshima University, 

Center of KANSEI Innovation 

1-2-3, Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, 

734-8551 JAPAN 



Cognitive Neuroscience  



Multisensory Integration  

Rubber Hand Illusion / Self Ownership  

Congenital Prosopagnosia 


2000-2004: B.S. Department of Psychology, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I, Waseda UniversityJapan 

(Major: Clinical Psychology)  


2004-2006: M.A. Department of Social and Human Environment, Nagoya UniversityJapan
 (Major Area: Psychophysiology, supervisor: Hideki Ohira).  


2006-2009: Ph.D. program in Department of Social and Human Environment, Nagoya UniversityJapan
 (Major Area: Psychophysiology, supervisor: Hideki Ohira).  


2007: Short-term scholar, Centro interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello dell’Università di TrentoItaly
 (Major Area: Experimental Psychology, advisor: Francesco Pavani).  


2009: Ph.D., Psychology, Nagoya UniversityJapan  


Dissertation Title: The Electrophysiological Correlates of Multimodal Integration Processes 



2016-2018: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(A), Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University.

2016-2017: Challenging Exploratory Research, Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University.

2014-2015: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B), Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University.

2012-2013Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research AbroadLaboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain-Mind Institute, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

2009-2012: Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (PD), Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Science, The University of Tokyo. 

2006-2009: Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of  Science (DC1), Department of Social and Human Environment, Nagoya University.  



Noriaki Kanayama, Kenta Kimura, Kazuo Hiraki. (2014) Cortical EEG components that reflect inverse effectiveness during visuotactile integration processing. Brain Research, 1598, 18-30. 2014.

Noriaki Kanayama, Luigi Tamè, Hideki Ohira, Francesco Pavani. (2012) Top down influence on visuo-tactile interaction modulates neural oscillatory responses. NeuroImage, 59, 3406-3417.

Noriaki Kanayama, Hideki Ohira. (2009) Multisensory processing and neural oscillatory responses: Separation of visuotactile congruency effect and corresponding EEG activities. NeuroReport, 20, 289-293. 
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Noriaki Kanayama, Atsushi Sato, Hideki Ohira. (2008) Dissociative experience and mood-dependent memory. Cognition & Emotion, 22, 881-896.  

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