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3. From the Junior Warden in the South


My Brothers,

It has been my pleasure to talk with some of you over the last month about coming to more lodge activities.

I appreciate the honest thoughts.

In response, I am rethinking my term calendar, applying your requests as the one who "calls you from labor to refreshment", and advocate for what you desire from your lodge.

I am actively coordinating with Norfolk DeMolay to participate in The Relay for Life, to be held May 16-17 from 6PM -6AM at Granby High (right next door). Not asking for money, just visible presence in our community as the civic minded organization with trans-generational programs.

Young families want activities that include our children, which I will be mindful of when we plan outings to a Tide's game, lodge picnic, and holiday get-togethers.

I want Freemasonry to be meaningful, worth your valuable time, and inspiring for your family.

Many of you mentioned a family member who was a Mason and someone you wanted to emulate.

I sincerely want each of you to be that someone your family and community aspires to be like.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Brother Lenny Levin
Junior Warden