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 Our Mission
Nord Sud XXI strives to support the work of the United Nations in the fields of human rights and development by providing a voice for concerns of individuals in the southern hemisphere and to people not normally represented in international forums. It wants to be an efficient factor in the international movement for another world against the unhuman globalization. Nord Sud XXI was founded by, among others, Mr. Ahmed Ben Bella, the first President of Algeria, Mr. Nelson Mandela, the first President of South Africa after apartheid, Dr. Mifsud Bonnicci, former Prime Minister of Malta and Mr. Ramsey Clark, a former US Attorney General and leading human rights lawyer.
 About Us Top
North-South XXI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered according to the Swiss law and is based in Geneva. It was created in 1989 as a result of the meeting of activists and intellectuals from all continents in particular from Europe and Africa who share the same vision of combating a world “order” that creates inequality, injustice and misery for many individuals as well as the mounting violence that threatens all the species at the dawn of the 21st century.
North-South XXI obtained Consultative Status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in July 1995. It is in a Special Status with the International Labour Organization (ILO), and also enjoys an Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Inter-African Union for Human Rights (UIDH).

North-South XXI brings together personalities from the North and the South, rejects the widening dichotomy between the industrialized and the underdeveloped worlds. It also rejects all kinds of racism and dogmatism (religious fundamentalism or new liberal ideologies), as well as war which now seems to be espoused by the superpowers as a normal fashion to resolve conflicts. Professor Robert Charvin serves as Executive Director for the organization. Board Members include: (1) The late H.E. Ahmed Ben Bella, President, (2) H.E. Siliman Cheik, (3) Professor Robert Charvin, (4) H.E. Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, (5) Dr. Mustapha Mohammed el-KAbbaj, (6) Dr. Curtis Doebbler.

Nord-Sud XXI is an independent NGO that currently functions as volunteer NGOs. It does not and has never taken instructions from any government. Representations from third parties claiming or implying otherwise should be reported to Nord-Sud XXI at as they are not true and may violate the law. Nord-Sud XXI has cooperated with numerous governments and has received money from governments, private foundations, NGOs, and individuals. Such resources are put at Nord-Sud XXI's disposal without pre-conditions and are always used consistent with Nord-Sud XXI's Statutes. 
 Our Ideals Top

The ideals of North-South XXI are embodied in the Charter of the United Nations and the national, regional and international Declarations of human rights (in particular the two Covenants on human rights adopted by the United Nations in 1966 with regard to the civil and political rights as well as the economic, social and cultural rights). It also adheres to the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly on the rights of peoples and on the right to development. North-South XXI rejects State rationale as well as the economic and financial doctrines that impose dependency and underdevelopment on all peoples, in particular the people of the South. Such doctrines manifest the continuity of centuries old genocide of Indian-Americans, the Slave Trade and colonialism.

North-South XXI considers that the 21st century an opportunity that should bring answers to the contradictions that have not been solved during the 20th century. It is based on the vision that refuses taboos and theoretical eclecticism and looks at the spirit of solidarity with the most abandoned, dominated and neglected people without regard to geographic borders, political systems or cultural heritages. It rejects the so-called “civilizations shock”, as well as the false democracy that neglects the economic and social rights as well as the fundamental principle of equality. It combats without compromise all the public and private power centers that are responsible for the fundamentally inequitable international relations. The beginning of the 21st century poses the major question of equitable distribution of resources and wealth everywhere in the world, as advocated by all cosmogonies. This revolutionary requirement, based on the common human heritage, is incompatible with the new liberalization, globalization and the domination exercised by superpowers.
 Our 5 Axes Top

Nord-Sud XXI develops permanent action based on Five Fundamental Axes:
1. For a Different Globalization
Priority is to be accorded to theoretical and practical criticism of the process of the new liberalization and globalization. The victims of globalization that was imposed on them by (transnational corporations, superpowers) are not in a position to generate real benefit from a process that they don’t control, and which is not subject to any democratic rules and targets profit as its ultimate goal. North-South XXI intends to challenge all aspects of globalization which is the new face of imperialism: in all its economic, financial, military, political, cultural and criminal dimensions. North-South XXI contributes to the organization and coordination of the global social movement initiated at Porto Allegro.
North-South XXI helps elaborate an alternative globalization also. Together with other partners present in Seattle, Porto Allegro, Genoa, Nice etc., it intends to build a new globalization that benefits all the people in the South and the North, without exclusion or interference while respecting their identity and diversity.
2. Against War and Violence
Since the end of the East-West hostilities, there is an increase in different kinds of conflicts. After the false prophesy of the “end of History”, the people are now facing “civilization shock” and accepting war. At present only one superpower is interested in launching war in order to widen its hegemony and impose globalization in conformity with the interests of a dominant economic system of which it is the principal beneficiary.
Against economic violence that was represented by misery and inequality and which in itself is a source of inevitable violent reactions, the cultural violence of the wealthy superpower that destroys plurality of civilizations. Added to that is armed violence: following the instrumentalization of human rights in justification of aggressive interference in the national sovereignty of States, the superpowers have now resorted, with intensive frequency, to armed force and to war against poor States of the South, and paradoxically invoking unfavorable relationships in disguise of their aggressions.
North-South XXI refuses war, without regard to any motive. Only the United Nations is entitled to decide and direct international peace-keeping operations in respect of international legitimacy, and in accordance with its Charter, which stripped States of the competence to declare war.
3. For the United Nations and its Democratization
North-South XXI participates in the work of the United Nations in particular the Human Rights Council and the annual International Labour Conference of the ILO etc. It urgently calls for the necessary democratization of the United Nations as its existence is threatened by the superpowers that refuse any limitation of their powers. North-South XXI considers the United Nations irreplaceable as well as its Specialized Institutions (in particular the ILO, UNDP and other organs created during the 1970s).
4. For International Solidarity
North-South XXI denounces the use of humanitarian aid as a cover for interference and hegemony of the North. It practices an active and concrete solidarity through its support of activists and organizations of the South that lack the material means to intervene at the international level. It supports the cause of groups that were forgotten by history and deprived of the right to have their States such as the Palestinian people, or those victims of historical genocides and war such as the Indian-Americans and Africans. It takes action in support of the activists victims of repression anywhere in the world and in particular those “forgotten” by the “humanitarian” establishments.
5. For North-South Dialogue and Cooperation
North-South XXI provides a lieu for dialogue between cultures and civilizations. It resists the misrepresentation of facts which ignores the rich contribution of the South to humanity. It expresses its indignation at the arrogant pretension that prevails in the North based on its claims of the so-called superiority of “western Civilization” and even on theories of “racial” hierarchy. It believes on the necessity of creating a human dialogue based on the real knowledge of everyone. North-South XXI wishes to contribute to the creation of this human dialogue together with the North-South Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue, which is a think-tank, meeting venue for interaction between the South and the North and a lieu for expression of thoughts.
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