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Five Men at Kursk

Five Men at Kursk is the newest incarnation of the FiveCore system, custom-tailored for hard-hitting world war 2 action.

Focusing the war where it gets personal: On an individual squad, you can play pick-up games using the random force generators or try to keep your men alive through the madness of war.

Game features include:

Quick playing rules where each army plays in a subtly distinct manner.

A fast-moving combat system where a single roll of the dice provides both morale and physical damage results. No need to multiple rounds of dice rolling.

A turn sequence guaranteed to make you sweat over what to do each turn.

Vehicles, mortar fire, commando raids and random battle field events.

The ability to generate a random squad and its supporting elements from a lone sniper to a heavy tank.

Campaign rules full of character as your men might be sent on important missions... or get a trip to Paris. 

If you wish to see what the game looks like in action, a brief example of the turn sequence can be downloaded here

The game can be purchased in PDF here


Five Men at Kursk is the latest incarnation of those rules and is, in essence, a spin-off game.

Using a modified game engine, it changes or tweaks almost every aspect of the game rules, making them more concise, accurate and hard-hitting.
In particular, the game benefits from concrete tank and gun ratings, heavily revised (and more dramatic) firearms statistics, squad-based quality rating systems (with a game impact far more exciting than just giving a +1 to something), more meaningful cover system, more fine-tuned close combat outcomes and easier to remember status effects.

The end result is a game that has a more tactical feel, supports realistic tactics better and presents more player choices to make at any given time.


Should I pick this or Five Men in Normandy?
Five Men at Kursk is a more concrete and fleshed out game, with slightly more conventional mechanics.
It is also a longer game to read through and has more material to consider.

While it is in many ways an upgrade, Five Men in Normandy is kept for sale for players who prefer a simpler framework that they can add their own interpretations into.

Miniatures and ground scale?
Figures are based individually. The ground scale is written with 15mm figures in mind, keeping weapon ranges relatively limited to account for our soldiers firing during extreme duress.

Effective rifle range is set at 16" with longer ranged fire being suppressive only. Standard movement is 5" but can be increased by running.

Game scale?
The game is intended for battles ranging from a single squad and up to about a platoon with some support.
A typical game can be viewed as 1 or 2 squads, with 1 or 2 weapon teams or vehicles backing them up.

What dice are used?
Game play uses plain six sided dice, while mission and squad generation will require the use of percentile dice.

How are troops rated?
Troops are rated numerically in four ways:
Mobility, Fire Discipline, Morale and Coordination.

These influence the tactical options you have in the form of bonus movement actions, additional order dice each turn, reaction fire and rallying attempts.

Is this compatible with any supplements?
At the moment, all supplements are intended for other versions of the game engine. 
Some ideas and house rules will still be of interest, but players should not look to purchase supplements primarily with Five Men at Kursk in mind.

Does the game include TO&E charts or points values?
Textbook TO&E tables are not included but the random generators will provide squads that fit what was realistically fielded, modified for some time in the field.
No points system has been included.

What nationalities and time periods are included?
The initial release covers the primary combatants in Europe: The United States, The United Kingdom and Commonwealth, Germany and the Soviet Union. 
Notes are included to portray other forces and the troop rating tables provide ratings for just about everybody.
The support tables will cover from 1940 to 1945.

Does this include vehicle rules?
Yes. Fully featured vehicle rules are included.
The game provides gun and armour ratings for a good selection of typical tanks.

Does this include solo and campaign rules?
Yes, both extensive campaign rules, allowing you to follow the same squad through the war and a revised version of the solo rules found in the earlier versions.