Welcome to NWG

Nordic Weasel Games is a one man independent developer of miniatures wargames and the occasional role playing game product. 

I aim to provide clever games that are a bit different from what you might be used to.
My games are inclusive and friendly, aiming to provide a good game whether you are an experienced war gamer or new to the hobby.

The games are generally playable with a small miniatures collection and will play well on a 3x3 or even 2x2 foot table. All are campaign and solo gaming-friendly, unless listed otherwise.

At the moment, all games are available in PDF format only. Print versions may be possible in the future. 
If you have a disability that makes PDF an unsatisfactory format for you, contact me before buying and I will see what I can do to assist.

In the bar to the left, you will find links to each game system. Each game page will have links at the bottom, covering the various supplements and expansions.
The game pages will answer most common questions, as well as provide links to the Wargame Vault store pages.


I pledge that when you buy my games, you will get:

*Rules that are not simply a retread of the same ideas you've seen a million times before.

*Games where you can buy 50 dollars worth of miniatures and have a decent table-worthy army.

*Games well suited to your own modifications and house rules, often with optional rules added right in the game to get you started.

*Games that will respect how you intend to play the games, whether it's pick-up games or campaigns, solo or with friends.

*The ability to contact the author directly by email, to obtain answers and feedback very quickly, when at all possible.


Quite a few types actually. 
The games can broadly be divided into a few "Families".

The FiveCore game system:

World war 2 skirmishing:

Generic rules for skirmish gaming, ww2 and beyond:
FiveCore 2nd edition (Individually based figures)

Generic rules for company level fighting, ww2 and beyond:
FiveCore Company Commander (each stand is a squad)

Generic rules for brigade level fighting, ww2 and beyond:
Brigade Commander (each stand is a company)

The "In Sight" game system:
All "In Sight" systems are aimed at platoon level gaming and use individually based figures.

Cold war and modern:

Hard science fiction:

Post apocalyptic gang warfare:

The "Trench" system:

First World War actions at battalion level and below:
Trench Storm (each stand is a squad)

The "Clash" system:

Heroic, space adventures in a colourful setting:
Clash on the Fringe (Individually based figures)

The "Storm" system:

Company to Battalion scifi battles in 6mm scale:
LaserStorm (Each stand is 5 men or one vehicle)

Please note that the LaserStorm system is NOT related to the one used in Trench Storm. 

Independent systems:

Story-driven gaming suitable for any period:
WarStory (Usable with absolutely any figures or even no figures at all)


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