Blue Angel/Student of the Month

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for NOVEMBER 2017!


  • Anthony Bonacci, Fantastic Freshman (9th)
  • Brittney Wright, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)
  • Maria Maldonado-Avila, Jammin' Junior (11th)
  • Malaya Ilustrisimo, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)


  • Hayley Foster, Freshman (9th)
  • Jordan McEntyre, Freshman (9th)
  • Maggie O'Leary, Senior (12th)
  • Riley Stark, Senior (12th)
  • Samantha Chiu, Freshman (9th)

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for October 2017!

Student of the Month (SOM)
   1.                 Christopher Ernst-Fortin, Fantastic Freshman (9th)
   2.                 Smit Patel, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)
   3.                 Rubi Martinez, Jammin' Junior (11th)
   4.                 Juan Segovia Dimas, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)

Blue Angels (BA)
   1.                 Ava Byfield, Sophomore (10th)
   2.                 Edgar Bryant, Senior (12th)
   3.                 Gabriela Reyes-Garcia, Junior (11th)
   4.                 Amelia G. Hawkins, Freshman (9th)
   5.                 Semayah McCormick, Sophomore (10th)

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for September 2017!


  • Lara Alfiado Zunguza, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)
  • Juliet Orth, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)


  • Serenity Starr, Freshman (9th)
  • Cyrus Harrison, Sophomore (10th)
  • Chloe Pak, Senior (12th)
  • Debanhi Hernandez, Senior (12th)

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for May 2017!

(the last ones for the 2016-2017 school year :)

 Student of the Month

   1.        Sofie Pokharel, Fantastic Freshman (9th)

   2.        Weishen Hong, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)

   3.        Farzan Momen, Jammin' Junior (11th)

   4.        Vanessa Diaz Guerrero, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)

   Blue Angel

   1.        Maria Mujica Jantes, Senior (12th)

   2.        Michael Cole, Senior (12th)

   3.        Morgan Johnson, Junior (11th)

   4.        Paola Gandarilla Mendez, Senior (12th)

   5.        Sorif Islam, Sophomore (10th)

April 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for April 2017!

 Student of the Month

   1.        Stephanie Campos Santana, Fantastic Freshman (9th)

   2.        Kaila Horne, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)

   3.        Bismarck Perez, Jammin' Junior (11th)

   4.        Britney Leif, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)

  Blue Angel

   1.        Anastasia Banks, Sophomore (10th)

   2.        Anna Shamis, Senior (12th)

   3.        Jakob Burns, Junior (11th)

   4.        Jose Aguirre, Junior (11th)

   5.        Jose Alvarez Gonzalez, Freshman (9th)

March 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for March 2017!

Student of the Month

  1. Jacqueline Zolorazano Perez, Fantastic Freshman (9th)
  2. James Moebes, Spectacular Sophomore (10th)
  3. Ana Sanchez, Jammin' Junior (11th)
  4. Sarah McRae, Lions Club Super Senior (12th)


  Blue Angel

  1. Annabelle Nowak, Freshman (9th)
  2. Chloe Adams, Sophomore (10th)
  3. Marina Fishman, Sophomore (10th)
  4. Matthew Sandry, Junior (11th)
  5. Sarah Parsons, Freshman (9th)

February 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for February 2017!


   1. Fantastic Freshman, Gamaliel Ayala

   2. Spectacular Sophomore, Stephanie Covarrubias

   3. Jammin' Junior, Gladys Lazo-Arias

   4. Lions Club Super Senior, Shayla Bradley


   1. Blue Angel, Sitlally Campos (10th)

   2. Blue Angel, Heidi Roman (12th)

   3. Blue Angel, Jennifer Francis (10th)

   4. Blue Angel, Haleigh Hoverman (9th)

   5. Blue Angel, Jacob Young (11th)

January 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the SOMBA winners for January 2017!


Fantastic Freshman

Michael Canseco

Spectacular Sophomore

Tina Giorgadze

Jammin' Junior

Samira Lenoir

Lions Club Super Senior

Lisa Vo

Blue Angel

William Ryan Watson

Blue Angel

Tionna Carter

Blue Angel

Jaelyn Fowler

Blue Angel

Abbie Alf

Blue Angel

Maya Gaylor


Past Winners:
Since there are so many deserving students, a s
tudent may only win once for BA and/or SoM during their high school attendance.  The one exception is Lions Club Super Senior Student of the Month – anyone is eligible since there is a monetary reward from the Lions Club.

Teacher Instructions:

Review the “Criteria for Nomination” for Blue Angel and Student of the Month to determine which category you would like to nominate your student under.  Then select the associated Online Form Link to complete the necessary information needed to nominate a student. 


Criteria for Nomination

Students who are positive role models and goodwill ambassadors. 
other qualities include leadership, citizenship, character, perseverance,   and  students   who are active in school and/or community service activities. i.e. this standard for the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

        Blue Angel Online Form 


        Criteria for Nomination

Academically motivated, leadership qualities, and an all-around top-notch kid! As a Senior, has a proven track record in Citizenship and Service; and involved in activities   both in and out of the school setting. 

        Note: Selected Seniors are invited to attend the monthly Lion's Club dinner
        and receive a monetary gift.

        Student of the Month Online Form

Nominating Timeframes

At any time during each month, a teacher can nominate a student using the links above.  Depending on when you nominate a student during the monthly cycle, the student may not be a contender until the next month.