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Welcome to the 2010 TOPs Season!
 June 13th Tops Test at Accel Gymnastics - DIRECTIONS:
888 Hinckley Road, Burlingame, CA 94010
From 101 North:  Take the Broadway Exit, at the traffic light turn left onto Bayshore (there is a gas station and Crown Plaza hotel here).  At the Elephant Bar restaurant turn left onto Hinckley Road, take that almost to the end and we are located on the right hand side.
From 101 South:  Take the Millbrae Ave Exit, and turn left onto Millbrae Ave., cross over 101 and go to the end and turn left onto Bayshore, pass the Marriott on the left, at the Elephant Bar turn right onto Hinckley Road, take that almost to the end and we are located on the right hand side.
Norcal TOPs Testing Dates for 2010:
Sunday, June 13th @ Accel
Sunday, June 27th Site TBD
Sunday, July 18th @ Liberty Gymnastics
All tests start at 9 am
Photos from the Byer's Roseville Test have been emailed to your coaches.  The files were too large to put on this site, sorry!  You are free to download, print, save, etc. any of the photos.

If you would like to order matte prints, magazine covers, or other assorted items, please visit:

Look for the Tops Testing Gallery.  The password is "tops"


Have a great summer!






Thank you to everyone for a safe and successful summer Tops season!

Thanks to our testers:

Jennifer Battaglia

Ashley Hansen

Matt Hodges

Yoshi Nakayama

Rod Radunzel


Thanks to our three host gyms:


Peninsula, Liberty and Byer's Roseville!



July 12th TOPS TEST at Liberty Gymnastics:


We will have ONE session as planned ---

               Start time 9:00 AM




CAST VIDEO IS UP!   (June 25, 2009)


Check out this video:


These are the scores (by Gary):  Casts are numbered 1-9


1 = 2
2 = 0
3 = 0
4 = 1
5 = 2 or 1
6 = 2
7 = 1
8 = 2
9 = 0


This may give us all a good idea on what they are looking for!





  GARY WARREN:  4/16/09


TOPs Physical Abilities changes (effective for the 2009 season) and Elite Compulsory changes (effective immediately)

Recommendation the following changes to the TOPs Physical Abilities and Elite Compulsory for the 2009 season

1) Eliminate the sheep jump in the Elite Compulsory Floor routine. Reason: the criteria in the new code to get credit for this move is extremely difficult and it is felt that constant training of this skill for many body types will not be productive.

2) For the bridge test in the TOPS program, two tape marks will be placed on the floor that are just 12" apart (measured from the inside of both tapes) and the athlete being tested MUST place their hands inside and not touching these tape marks when performing the back bridge test. Reason: a beam is only 4" wide and many of the athletes are using an extremely wide are placement in performing and getting good scores on this test by having wide arms. Fingers must remain pointed forward and arms completely straight, as previously specified.

3) The TOP cast handstand tests should be changed to:

7-8 Year Olds -- 5 attempts are given and if they reach a body angle of between 90 and 45 degrees they receive one point, it they go above 45 degrees they receive two points --- the body must be in a straight or hollow shape, if there is any pike or arch in the body the score is a zero regardless of the angle of the cast.

9-11 Year Olds -- 5 attempts are given using the same criteria stated above except they must cast a minimum of 45 degrees to receive one point and to within 15 degrees of a handstand to receive the



Due to the regional JO clinic on June 28th, the tops test originally scheduled for that date will be changed.


The NEW date is Sunday, June 21st (Father's Day)

9:00 AM at Peninsula Gymnastics in San Mateo

(Sorry Dads!)