The Northern California Youth Rugby Association (NCYRA) is proud to announce the Second Annual Northern California Invitational Rugby Tournament (NCIT). The event, for high school age boys and girls, takes place May 5-6, 2013 at the Cherry Island Outdoor Sports Center. This facility offers 10 championship grass fields that will accommodate the high demand of teams planning to participate in this year's tournament.


Boys Varsity Single School (open competition and Playoffs) 

Boys Varsity Gold  (open competition and Playoffs)

Girls Varsity Gold (open competition and Playoffs)

Boys Varsity Silver (open competition and Playoffs)

Girls U-19* Silver (U-19* open competition and playoffs)

Boys JV Single School  (open competition and Playoffs) 

Boys JV Gold (open competition and Playoffs)

Boys JV Silver (open competition and Playoffs)

Middle School (U-14) Division (open competition)

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The tournament is open to all high school age Teams from Northern California, the United States and around the world.Given the level of play in the region, paired with the choice of competitive Divisions, all Teams can expect high quality, competitive matches. A Middle School (Under 14) Division will also be added for the first time. In addition, the NCIT will include the NCYRA Playoffs & Championships, taking the NCIT to the next level by adding an even more energized and festive atmosphere.


NCYRA Boys & Girls Varsity Gold “Final 4” Semi-Final matches - 70 minutes each. 

Depending upon the total number of Teams competing within each Division, Teams can expect either three (3) 30 minute matches, or two (2) 45 minute matches in bracket play, for a total of 90 minutes.
Plus NCYRA Varsity Gold “Final 4” Consolation & Championship Matches - 70 minutes each.

*As some Clubs cannot compete on Sunday’s, the NCIT will accommodate Clubs who agree to play 90 minutes of rugby on Saturday, as long as the competition remains “balanced.”

Division Teams get two (2) 30 minute matches in Consolation and Semi-Final /Championship Matches, for a total of 60 minutes, or one full length match of 70 minutes.

View Event Flyer here

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