Net Script

This is the script for our net. Net control, the person running the net that week, reads this script.
Update 8/19/2015: Check-in changed to role call, more notes to net control.

Bold Words: To be said on the air by net control.
Italic Words: Instructions to net control. Don't say on the air!
Release PTT button and wait 5 seconds after every paragraph!
Be sure to say your callsign at least every 10 minutes!

Calling all kids! Calling all kids!
This is (your name and callsign), net control for the weekly Northern California kids net.
This net is put on by kids for kids,
and meets on this frequency every Thursday at 7:30pm.
Emergency traffic has priority over all other communications at all times.
Stations with emergency traffic are to break in and contact net control.
Is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time?

This net is open to all kids and adults interested in amateur radio.
Visit our website at for more information.
(Be sure to make it clear that the website is not
The purpose of this net is to provide information of interest to kids and to form a group of ham kids.

At this time I will take check-ins. Check-in is by role call. If you check-in frequently, you will be added to the role call. Stand by for role call.
(This was suggested to me by Dale, so I thought we would try it. When you do role call, say the callsign and the name and then release the PTT switch an wait. Give them about 10 seconds, and if they don't answer, move on to the next person. Be sure to be clear when you say the callsign.)

•KJ6BHG Ellen
•KJ6BHH Joseph
•KJ6FPJ Vaughn
•KK6UNO George 

(Important: Net control should fill out the Check-In Form to let me know who checked in.)

Now I will take guest check-ins.
To check-in as a guest, wait for an opening and say your callsign slowly and clearly, your name, and the city you're in.
I will take guest check-ins five at a time. Be sure to pay attention to what number you are in the group of five in case I can't understand you.
First five guests please come now.

This is (your name and callsign) net control for the kids net.
Thank you for listening to the Northern California kids net.

At this time I will continue with this week's topic.
You can find out the topic for our net at our website,
Tonight's topic is (read topic from Topic of the Week page on website)...
(go ahead with topic or call up guest speaker)

Are there any announcements for the net tonight?

Are there any jokes or puns for the net tonight?

This is (your name and callsign) net control for the kids net.
Thank you for listening to the kids net.

Are there any late check-ins?    (Role call,Guest or EchoLink)

Are there any other announcements for the net tonight?

Are there any other jokes or puns for the net tonight?

Thank you for listening.
This session is now closed.
This is (your name and callsign) net control. 

73* and good night!

*73- Good-bye in ham talk. Look at the Ham Dictionary page for more definitions.