Ham Dictionary

Here is a list of common words and sayings used in ham radio.

73 - Good-bye
Amateur TV - A way of broadcasting TV over amateur radio
ARRL - The national association for amateur radio
ATV - See amateur TV
Clear - Done talking
NCS - See net control station
Net - An organized meeting on the radio. No one is allowed to talk on the net unless net control says they can, like when it is time for check-ins.
Net control station - The person in charge of a net
PTT button/switch - The button/switch you hold down when you talk. PTT stands for Push to Talk
QSL card - A card sent from one person to another that certifies a contact.
QSY - Switching frequencies
Repeater - A special radio that takes a week signal and repeats it with more power.
Simplex - Talking without a repeater
Squelch - The setting on a radio that minimizes unwanted sound.
Transmitter Power - How much power your radio has. This affects how far your signals go.
UTC time - A universal time (no time zones)

More words to come!