Net Tonight!!

Welcome to the website for the Northern California Ham Kids Group. We are a group of kids in Northern California interested in Amateur Radio. Our net is held every Thursday night at 7:30PM PST on the WB6TMS repeater system, 146.910- PL 88.5. All are welcome to check in, kids or adults.

A big thanks goes to Dale, WB6TMS, for letting us use his repeater system.

Check out the Topic of the Week page to see what we will be doing on the net, in the the different weeks there will be different topics. This will also say if the net is cancelled.

UPDATE: You can now get to this website from www.hamforkids.com!

Other repeaters you can use to check in:

145.170 MHz - PL 88.5 Pt. Reyes

145.470 MHz - PL 88.5 Pt. Reyes

146.970 MHz - PL 103.5 Cloverdale

146.955 MHz - PL 88.5 Ukiah

146.655 MHz - PL 103.5 Laytonville

145.170 MHz - PL 103.5 Scotia

147.150 MHz + PL 103.5 Garberville

Net Control for November 24, 2016: 

Contact: Vaughn Higginbotham - Press ME!

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