About Us

In January 2007, a group of bus fans had an informal excursion to San Francisco with three buses owned by private collectors.  The day's outing was a huge success and at the end of the day we decided that we needed to do this type of thing more often.  We also decided that we needed a forum where bus enthusiast of all types could connect and share info and their love of buses.  


Members of our group connect through our on-line e-mail discussion group. This is an open discussion group where we can talk about current bus operations and news, bus history,  share photos, and plan future outings and get-togethers.  Some members of our group have vast collections of old and new bus photos and as time allows they will be scanned and shared in the e-mail group and be added to the photo albums on this website.


So if you are a bus fan from northern California or you are bus enthusiast who has an interest in buses from northern California, come join us.  It is going to be a fun ride.


Welcome aboard! 

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