Adoption Process



Thank-you for your interest in adopting a bulldog.  Let me explain a little how the process works:

  • You fill out an application.  Before any phone calls are returned, an application MUST be filled out and e-mailed or faxed to us. 

Please note:  We do not adopt to homes with unfenced pools, unfenced yards, children under the age of 3, or homes where any other cat or dog living there is not spayed/neutered.  

  • If we have a dog who we feel would match your family and lifestyle, we will give you a call or e-mail to set up a home visit.   A home visit is not to see how big your house is, it is just a way for us to get to meet you and see where our rescue dog will be living.  We do not adopt to homes where we would not want our own dogs to live.  During the home visit, feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
  • We do a "pets ok" verification if you are renting
  • We do a vet reference check
  • Once the home visit is complete, and all references are checked,  we will have you come and meet the dog that is available.  If you fall in love with that dog, you are free to adopt at that time. 


Waiting Time to Get a Bulldog

Your wait for a rescued Bulldog can be as short as two weeks to as much as two years.

Dogs are placed according to the type of home best suited to their needs. A majority of our rescues have social, emotional, behavioral and health issues. If you are not able or willing to deal with a not-so-perfect bully, your wait may be a long one. Many rescued Bulldogs are dog aggressive and have trust issues. Some are not suitable for placing with children. Rarely does a happy, well-adjusted Bulldog end up in our care. If you are not committed to deal with housebreaking issues in an adult dog or to provide obedience training, you may not really want to take on a rescued Bulldog.  


Please remember:

These dogs are rescue dogs... Most have been neglected, abused or abandoned... Please do not apply if you are looking for a cheap bulldog.  These dogs are going to need extra TLC from you...Only apply if you are wanting to give a homeless dog a second chance.